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July 03, 2020


Freshwater Fish


OB Peacock

Red Tiger Oscars

Kubotai Rasboras

Orange Chromide

Neo. leleupi

White Cloud Tetra

Assassin Snails

XL Danios

Pearl Gourami

Male Betta

Dumbo Betta

White Orchid Betta

Ghost Shrimp

Gold Pristella Tetra

Silver Tip Tetra

Amatitlania sajica

Fire Eel

Red Peacock

LG Flying Fox


Red Cap Oranda

Red and Black Oranda

Rasbora Harlequin

Blue Snail

Gold Snail




Rotala Wallichi

Giant Baby Tears

Green Melon Sword

Java Fern Half Mat


Staurogyne repens



Italian Val

Dwarf Lily

Java Fern Full Mat



Marine Fish


Asfur Angel

Orbic Batfish

Cuban Hog

Stiped Sweetlips

Falco Hawkfish

Bicolor Angel

Wyoming White Clownfish

Black Snowflake Clownfish

Scribble  Marbled Rabbit

Anchor Tusk

Fire Clown

Bird Wrasse

Sailfin Tang

Plectranthias Hawk

Blue Angel

Orange Back Fairy Wrasse

Eeblie Angel

Lunare Wrasse

Pygmy Filefish

Bullseye Jawfish

Pintail Wrasse

Juv. Gray Angel

Hologymnus Wrasse

Sub Adult 6 bar Angel

Multicolor Angel

Panther grouper

Tiger Jawfish




What’s New is finally back! Hope everyone is safe and healthy! Glad to start seeing some of your faces in store. We all missed you!


Here are some of the new items!


Pink Tips Elegance

MAster Scolymia

Black Eye Lobo

Ultra Bower Brain

Lazer Eye Favia

War Paint Scolymia

Peppermint Acan

Orange Nano Plate

LG Neon Green Bubble Coral

Super Symphyllia

Yellow Lazer Eye Favia

Pearl Bubbles “White”

Insane Pink Tip Elegance “Rare”

Todd’s Torch Frags

Gold Aussie Hammers

Neon Green Krupuk Leather

Black Heart Lobos

Neon Green Elephant Ears

Wild Zoa Colonies

Green Finger Leather

Bright Orange Sun Coral

Galaxy Goniastrea

Purple PAvona Cactus

Cult Stylo

Red Planet Acro Frag

Hawkins Echinata Frag

SM Derasa, Crocea Clams

If you have any inquiries regarding corals, inverts, and coral frags, please call us at (973) 365-0200.

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