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What’s New

Updated July 19th, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Black Widow Frontosa

Albino Blue Diamond Discus

Pom-Pom Crabs

Longfin Rams

Bolivian Ram

Toucano Tetras

Danio Tiniwin

Dwarf Coral Red Platy

Hi-Fin Sunset Variatus

Male Blue Color

Drapefin Barbs

Blue Snakeskin Discus

Mustard Sport Pleco (LDA31)

Flame Tail Gibbiceps Pleco (L114)

PR Millenium Rainbows

Parkinsoni Rainbows

XL Ranchu Goldfish

Keyhole Cichlids

Ruby Red Peacocks

Trophues Duboisi

Pseudotropheus Saulosi “Coral Red”

Gold Dojo Loaches



Marine Fish


Moorish Idol

Mystery Wrasse

Metallic Foxfaces

Juvenile Imperator Angel

Ruby Red Dragonettes

White Mouth Moray

Fuscus Trigger

Watanabi Angel

SM Foxfaces

Hepatus Tangs

Sepiacauda Hog

Aquacultured Yellow Tangs

Swissguard Basslett

Royal Anthias

Solarensis Wrasse

Blue Blanquillo

Helfrichi Firefish

Cleaner Wrasses

Orange Back Bass

Strigosus Tangs

Navarchus Angel

Jumbo Eel Goby

Trista Tang





Crazy week again, tons of amazing anemones, bubble tips, LT’s, carpets, and rock flowersand so much more…


Here’s the hotness list:


Ultra Red Carpet

“Rare” UFO Crocodile Island Scoly

Rainbow Acan

Galaxia Goniastrea

Pink Moonstone Brain

10” Ritteri Anemone

Neon Green LT

Candy Corn Green Bubble Tips

Grafted Darwin Micro

Tiger Crocodile Island Scolies

Neon Green Hulk Torches

Prism Symphyllias

Blue Aussie Hammer

Grafted War Coral

Toxic Hammer Frags

Tiger Favites

10” Neon Aussie Acro

Orange Cerianthus

Hot Pink Cynarina

14” Neon Bowerbanki





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