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November 20, 2020


Freshwater Fish


Electric Blue Balloon Rams

American Flag Fish

Green Phantom Pleco L200

Pearl Scale Goldfish

Praecox Rainbows

Silver Arowanas

Green Neons

Red Line Slender Tetras

Flag Tail Prochilodus

Yellow Fin Chelceus

Red & White Parrot Fish

Nanacara adoketa

Striped Khulli Loaches

Cory nanus

Cory sterbaii

Koi Sword Tails

Red & Black Telescope Butterfly Goldfish

Red & White Ryukin Goldfish

Mango Pleco L047

Geophagus surinamensis

Oxydoras niger

Figure 8 Puffers

Green Tiger Barb

XL Koi Angels


Marine Fish


Tassel Filefish

Clown Trigger

Tailspot Blenny

Midas Blenny

Annularis Angel

Zebra Moray Eel

Orange Shoulder Tang

White Tail Kole

Dwarf Moray Eel

Bicolor Goatfish

Orange Back Wrasse

Black Tangs

PR Mocha Storm Clowns

Nakoa Wrasses

Maculosis Angel

Banggai Cardinals

Diamond Gobies

Blue Jaw Triggers

French Angels

Kelp Poacher

Sohal Tang

Purple Tangs




OMG! The Coral game s straight fire this week! Come in or tune in to Instagram Live!


Hot Pink Cynarias

Yellow Elegance with Yellow Tips

Pineapple Brians

Master Scoly

Ultra-Rainbow Symphyllias

Galaxy Goniastrea

Interstellar Mushrooms

3” Tr. Maxima

Pink Platygyra Brains

Grafted War Coral

Orange Yuma Shrooms

Dragon Soul Torch

Orange Aust Torch

Fiji Pink Tip Torch

XL Aust Lobos

Orange Papaya Cloves

Fire Ring Lobo

Ultra Acans

Plate Corals

Toxic Bubble Coral

Rainbow Trachy

Molten Lava

Sunshine Plates

Sunshine Scolies

Green Giant Cup Mushrooms

Scorcher Brains

XL Aust Wellsy


And so much more!!!


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