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What’s New

Updated October 12, 2018

Freshwater Fish

Columbina Red Fin Tetra

Electric Pink Jack Dempsey

Leopard Pleco

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

Fahaka Puffer

Botia Sidthimunki

Yoyo Loaches

Botia Striata

Pair Apisto Agasizi “Doubled Red”

Cory Sterbaii

German Blue Rams

Balloon Convicts

Gold Nugget Pleco

Barilius Bakeri

Dario Dario

Flagtail Prochilodus

Pink Kissing Gourami

Leopad Ctenopoma

Hoplo Catfish

Columbian Zebra Pleco (L-129)

Colorful Peacocks

Synodontis Petricola

Exocochromis Anagenys

C Frontosa “Mpimbwe”

Marine Fish

Potters Angel

Copperband Butterfly

Moorish Idol

Bicolor Goatfish

Achilles Tang

Solarensis Wrasses

Red Fire fish

Cave Basslet

Pintail Wrasses

Hepatus Tangs

Randalli Gobies

4 Line Wrasses

Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses

Orange Wrasses

Fowleri Tangs

Cuban Hogfish

Green Bird Wrasse

Black Tang

Rhomlooides Wrasse

Cobalt Blue Grouper

Streamer Naso Tang

Halamera Shark

Red Breast Wrasse

Port Jackson Shark

Red Rhinopias



I’m back from Los Angeles. I bought tons of fish and coral. We have some crazy new items you gotta check out! Be sure to pop over and the Marine Fish what’s new as well!


Metallic Table

Pearl Bubbles

Pink Tip Torches

Rose Bubble

XXL Speciosus

Super Orange Hammer

Marbled Aussie Lobo’s

Neon Sarco Leathers

Green Rasta’s

Starry Octopus

Limon – ade Symphillia

Ultra Turbinaria

Green Aust. Hammers

Pearl Bubbles

Rare Aqua – Zoanthids

Insane Green Bubble Tip Anemones

Pink Mille Acro

Big Pipe Galaxea

Darwin Favia/Micros

Super Sun Corals



Bring these coupons (either hard copy or on your smart phone) to the store and you can get any of these sweet discounts!  


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