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What’s New

Updated September 13, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Albino Blue Diamond Discus

Checkerboard Discus

Blue Phantom Pleco (LDA128)

Silver Hatchets

Kitty Tetras

Pigeon Blood Discus

Red Snake Skin Discus

Polypterus Teugelsi

Red Lipstick Barb

Cory Barbatus

Gold Nugget Plecos (L018)

Emperor Pleco (L204)

Dwarf Dragon Gobies

Blue Neon Stiphodon Gobies

Toucan Tetras

Red Rili Shrimps

Kamaka Blue Rainbows

Emperor Tetras

Pairs Millennium Rainbows

Ranchu Goldfish

Pearscale Goldfish

Red and White Bubble Eye Goldfish

Blue Oranda Goldfish

Black Oranda Goldfish



Marine Fish


Imperator Angel

Cinereus Trigger

Show Powder Blue Tang

Blonde Naso Tang

Blue Face Angel

Hexacanthus Tang

Brevirostorus Tang

Show Bird Wrasse

Sohal Tang

Dwarf Nurse Shark

Zebra Morray

Metallic Foxfaces

Gem Tang

Cooks Canary Damsel

Maldives Regal Angel

I.O Purple Firefish

Fuscus Trigger

Long Nose Hawks

Hepatus Tangs

Marine Betta

Declives Butterfly

Blue Bar Parrot

Lyre Tail Anthias




What an amazing shipment we got in this week filled with rare species and some that we haven’t seen for long long time!!!


Here are cherries!


Gold Torch Frag


GP Cyclo

Grafted Moonstone

Blue Squamosa

Grafted Moonstone

Show Blue Ritteri

Heliofungia Plate

Blue Squamosa

Gold Torch Frag

Ultra Rock Flowers


Pink and Blue Tip Elegance

Elephant Mushrooms

Coco Worms

Blue War Coral

Deep Water Tubestrea

Lavender Mushroom  

Black Eye Bowerbanki

Ultra Maximas

Frag Tanks are jammed!!!





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