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What’s New

Updated August 16, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Zebra Plecos (L046)

Black Arowanas

Black King-Kong Shrimps

Blue Bolt Shrimps

Pair Kissing Gouramis

Leopard Frog Plecos (L134)

Sultan Plecos (L264)

Triactis Plecos (091)

Adonis Plecos (L155)

Blue Phantom Plecos (L128)

Chameleon Loricaria

Orange Parotocinclus

Brochis Multoradiata

Hi – Fin Cory Armatus

Botia Sidthimunki

Distichodus Lussoso

Hi – Fin Loach Sharks

Green Laser Corys

Synodontis Ornatipinnis



Marine Fish

Blue Jaw Triggers

Koran Angels

Hepatus Tangs

Blue Dot Puffers

Yellow Tangs

Flame Angels

Blonde Naso Tangs

Fridmani Pseudos

Heniochus Butterflies

SM Dog Face Puffers

LG Saddle Back Butterflies

Purple Tangs

Blue Dot Poma Angels

XLG Navarchus Angels

Fat Head Anthias

SM Scribble Angel

Pink Tail Trigger

Solarensis Wrasses

LG Yellow Watchman

Twin Spot Wrasse




It’s almost time for MMXIX Sale. I am still loading up for this event, currently tanks are packed!


Here’s the hot list!


Prism Lobos Symphyllias

Neon Green Carpet Anemones

Acan Lords

Neon Green Bubble Tips

Ritteri Anemones

Croc Island Scolies

Ultra Green Sinularias

All Color Carpet Anemones

Gold Torches

Gold Hammers

Ultra Miami Hurricane Torches

Blue Alveopora

Orange Rim Double Trachy

Ghost Hammers

Neon Green Lobos


War Paintt Scolies

Bleeding Apples

Grafter War Corals

Blue Hammer Corals

Tanklimate of Rock Flowers


Frag Tanks are jammed!!!



Bring these coupons (either hard copy or on your smart phone) to the store and you can get any of these sweet discounts!  




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