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October 23, 2020


Freshwater Fish


Pig Nose Puffer

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Blue Phantom Pleco L128

FW Stonefish

Mosaic Gar

Yellow Marlboro Discus

Red Marlboro Discus

Pigeon Blood Discus

Red Eye Target Puffer

Panda Telescope Goldfish

Gator Gar

Baby Albino Congo Tetras

Signifer Rainbows

XL Wild Blue Discus

Black Ghost Knives

Cambodian Tiger Botias

Albino Cherry Barbs

Parkinsoni Rainbows

Polypterus endlicheri

Transparent Knives

Blood Red Jewels

XL Sailfin Mollys

Weather Loaches

Balloon Platys

LG Bar Datnoid

Gery Piranha


Marine Fish


Yellow Tangs

Blue Dot Puffer


Matted Filefish

Orange Shoulder Tangs

Blonde Naso Tangs

Bicolor Goatfish

Orange Back Wrasse

Flame Angels

Powder Blue Tangs

Yellow Belly Hepatus Tangs

Helfreichi Firefish

Black Tangs

Naso Tangs

Pearly Jaws

Gem Tang

Flag Fin Angels

Unicorn Tang

Squamipinnis Anthias

Emperor Snappers

Midas Blennies



Great Critter week here at Absolutely Fish! Lots of crrepy crawlers!


5″ Peacock Mantis Shrimp

XL Blue Knuckle Hermits

Spiker Stars

Tile Star

Bleeding Apple Scolies

Tiger Conch

Gold Conch

Candy and Tiger Psitols

Gold BC Shrimps

Tuxedo Urchins

Caribbean Urchins

Sebae Anemone

LT Anemone

Rose Bubble

Neon Condylactis

Halloween Hermits

Spooky Torch

Bloody Aussie Scoly

Rainbow Drag Soul Favia

Ghost Cynarina

Devils Hand Leather

and more…


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