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October 15th, 2021


Freshwater Fish


Red Hook Silver Dollars
Golden Discus
Celestial Pearl Danios
Gold Severums
Pretty Tetras
Albino Glo Lite Tetras
Blue Harlequin Rasboras
Silver Hatchets
SA Mosaic Gar
Florida Gars
Banjo Cats
Flagtail Prochilodus
Splendid Loaches
Pink Convicts
Electric Blue Rams
Snow White Discus
Red Panda Discus
Orange Bosemani Rainbows
Millenium Rainbows
Emerald Rainbows
Goyder River Rainbows
Pink Kissing Gouramis


Marine Fish


Rooster-Tail Snapper
Big Eye Catalufa
XXLG Porcupine Puffer
Indicus Trigger
Pilot Fish
Scrawl Filefish
Dragon Moray Eel
Snake Eel
Blue Reef Chromis
LG Cuban Hogs
Queen Angel
Fat Head Anthias
XLG Pink Tail Trigger
Orange Shoulder Tang
French Angel
White-Tail Kole Tang
LG Bimac Hog
XLG Undulate Trigger
Tomini Tang
Squamipinnis Anthias
Melanurus Wrasse





Tons of cool corals and coral frags this week! Finally some awesome Aussie soft corals are in!

Rainbow Trachy
“Rare” Gold Dust Blasto
Yellow & Blue Alveopora
Electric Green Bubble Coral
Rainbow Symphyllia
Ultra-Green Polyp Toadstool
Ultra-Metallic Rasta Leathers
MD White Polyp Sarcos
LG Colt Corals
War Paint Scoly
Master Scoly
Miami Scoly
Lemon Trachy
Pink Cynarina
Orange Ring Cynarina
Neon Orange Yumas
Dragon Soul Torch Heads
Yellow & Toxic Hammer Heads
Ultra-Yellow Alveopora
Ultra-Green Alveopora
Orange Eye Symhpyllia
Double Acans
Neon Green Star Polyp
Yellow Polyp Rocks
Purple People Eaters
Electric Divisi
Neon Green Cabbage Leather
Tons O’ New Frags
Aquacultured Gorgo Fans


If you have any inquiries regarding corals, inverts, and coral frags, please call us at (973) 365-0200.

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