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What’s New

Updated March 15, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Electric Gold Rams

Red King-Kong Shrimp

Loricaria Antenata

Green Jade Shrimp

Electric Blue Ahlis

XL German Blue Ram

Vampire Tetras

Fire Eels

Pair Pygmaea Rainbows

Pair Albino Millenium Rainbows

Blue Phantom Pleco (L-128)

Adonis Plecos (L-155)

Celebes Rainbows

Hummingbird Tetras

Cory Jullii

Albino Congo Tetras

Blue Spotted Severums

Pair Pelvichromis “Nigeria Red”

Flagtail Porthole Cats

Pundamilia Nyereri

Pseudotropheus Demasoni


Marine Fish


Banana Wrasse

Peppermint Hog

Navarchus Angel

Lemon Peel Angel

Dracula Goby

Guinea Fowl Puffers

Manilensis Puffer

Fuzzy Dwarf Lions

Tiger Jawfish

Tonganus Tang

Sm. Yellow Mappa Puffer

Flavicauda Angel

Sm. Black Tang

Harlequin Tusks

Lunare Wrasse

Maculosus Angel

Purple Eyebrow Tusk

Anchor Tusk

Exquisite Wrasse

Juv. Annularis Angels

Nakoa Wrasse

Juv. Imperator Angel






Here’s the hot list!!


Black Hole Plate

Green Sinularia

Pink Rainbow Carpet

Orange Tip Torches “Rare”

Ultra Flower Rocks 

Tumotoa Maxima Clams

Crocodile Island Scolies

Awesome Elegance

Gold Hammers

Rose Bubble Tips

Ultra-Blue Carpet

Neon LTS

Tiger Lobos


Huge Feather Duster

Ultra Wellsey

XL Tiger Wellsy

Combo Zoas

XL Young Coral




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