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What’s New

Updated August 10, 2018

Fresh Water Fish

Mosaic Gar

Silver Arowana

Hujeta Gar

XL Flowerhorn

Veiltail Angels

Distochodus Maculatus

Red Tail Tetras

Chilatherina Sentaiensis

Mexican Dwarf Crayfish

Pseudomugil Tenellus

Trumpet Knife

Distochodus sp. Red and Black”

Dario Kyathit

Neertroplus Nemastopus

Danio Shanensis

Cory Elegans

Pygmy Sleeper Gobies

Heckel Discus

Pom Pom Knife

Purple Wolf

Silver Arowanas

Full Black Guppy Pairs

Cory Agassizi

Cory Punctatus

Gold White Clouds

4 Line Pimadella Cats

Gold Clown Knife

Centipede Knife

Crocodile Fish

Marine Fish

Flame Angel

3.5” Scribble Angel

Bangaii Cardinals

Mappa Puffer

Longnose Hawk

Crosshatch Gobies

Yellow Tangs

Sm. Powder Blue Tangs

Gem Tang

Diamond Gobies

Bicolor Anthias

Moorish Idols

Quoyi Parrot

Potters Angel

Pintail Wrasse

Venustus Angel

Rubisguammis Wrasse

Over 62 Bangaii Cardinals

Bimac Hogs

Q Wrasse

Bluejaw Trigger

Heniochus Butterfly

Big Eye Catalufa

8” Sohal Tang


This week and next week we are gearing up for MMXVIII so the wheels are off the bus when it comes to buying!! Lots of cool new pieces coming in!



Red Devil Mushroom Colonies

Rainbow Bowerbanki

Neon Green Pagoda

Incredible Hulk Trachy

XL G.P Sarcos

Aussie Toxic Hammer

Magma Chalice

Toxic Bowerbanki

Green Wall Divisi

Big Orange Eye Moonstones

Aussie Chalice

XL Table Acro

Baby Orange Plate Coral

And much more!!!!!!



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