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Updated December 07, 2018


Freshwater Fish


Red Masheer Barb

Baby Jardini Arowana

Green Phantom Pleco (L-200)

Red Tail Blue Botias

Lionhead Goldfish

Green Myleus silver Dollar

Scarlet Pleco (L-025)

Blue Panaque Pleco (L-239)

Royal Pleco (L-091)

Flametail Gibbiceps Pleco (L-114)

Emperor Pleco (L-204)

Polka Dot Pleco (L-354)

Venezuelan Black Cory

Red Eye Puffer

Male Dumbo Ear Guppies

Orange Otocinclus

Blue/Red/Orange/White Lobster

Altolam. Calvus “Pearly”

Neolamp. Caudopunctatus “Red Fin”

Xyistichromis Rostratus

Champsochromis Caeruleus


Marine Fish


Lg. Pork Fish

Flame Hawk

Ruby Red Dragonette

Heniochus Butterfly

Long Nose Hawk

4” Gem Tang

Red Sea Browntail Wrasse

Miniatus Grouper

Queen Angels

Juvenile French Angel

Lollypop Tangs

Pearly Jawfish

Ringens Trigger

Aquacultured Yellow Tangs

Blue Reef Chromis

Clown Trigger

Sepiacauda Hog

Pair Black Ice Clowns

Heniochus Butterfly

Female Bellus Angel

Annularis Angel



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Green Polyp Sarco

Moseleya Brain

Amazing Rasta Leather

Sun Coral

Ultra Favia

Lg. Toadstool Leather

Super Purple Condy Anemones

Young Corals

XL Turbo Snails “Huge ones”

Super Red Goniopora

Lemon Lime Symphyllia

Metallic Organ Pipe Coral

Green Shroom Rocks

Show Aust. Blue Tenuis Acro

Neon Green Echinata Acro

All Calastrea Variants


Coco Worms





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