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April 23, 2021


Freshwater Fish


Dwarf Pea Puffers
Electric Blue Acaras
Peacock Gudgeon
American Flagfish
Dario sp. “Tiger”
Exochromis anagenys
Labidochromis sp. “Yellow Top Mbamba”
Copadichromis borleyi
Chalinochromis brichardi
XL Geophagus “Red Head Tapajos”
Xenotaca lyonsi
Blue Panaque Pleco L239
Gold Nugget Pleco L018
BLack Angels
Yellow Rabbit Snails
PR XL Rd Delta Guppies
Black Knight Betta
Crowntail Beta
XL Pink Kissing Gouramis
Bamboo Flower Shrimp
Red King Kong Shrimp
Sparkling Gouramis


Marine Fish


Passers Angel
Guinea Fowl Puffer
Midnight Parrot
Rainford Gobies
Long Nose Hawks
White Spine Tangs
Midas Blennies
Hepatus Tang
Bicolor Goats
Desjardini Tang
Grey Angel
Queen Angels
Coris Gaimard
Clown Triggers
Opercularis Hog
Orbic Bat
Green Bird Wrasse
Blue Parrot
Mimic Tangs
Blue Dot Jaws
Ruby Red Dragonette
Flag Fin Angel
Paddle Fin Wrasse

We do have few Yellow Tangs available for sale. Contact us for details.





Here are the da’ cherries this week!


SM Rose Bubble Tips
Yellow Gold Hammer
Ultra Wellsy
Lobo Carpet
GP Sarco
Candy Pistol
Peppermint Shrimps
Blood Cleaners
Tiger Pistol
Tuxedo Urchins
Lime Green Carpet Anemone
Ultra XL Aussie Bubble Tip Anemone
Rainbow Acans
Gold Wall Hammer
Red Linkis Starfish
Cultured Gorgonians
Combo Zoa Rock
Blonde with Blue Eye Zoas
Green Ricordea Rocks
Rainbow Trachy
Blue Cespitularia
Purple Cespitularia Frags
Yellow Polyp Rocks
Metallic Sea Mat
XL Colt Corals
Long Polyp Sarco Frags
SM Green Nepthea Frags
Acan Frags
Hawaiian Dusters
Pink Table Acros
10 Different Types of Lobos
5 Different Goniastreas


Plus 300 new frags

And so much more!!!

If you have any inquiries regarding corals, inverts, and coral frags, please call us at (973) 365-0200.