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Updated June 15th 2018

Fresh Water Fish

Melon Barbs
Albino Polypterus
Regal Peacock
Salt and Pepper Platys
Electric Blue Rams
Pentazona Barbs
Pair Apisto. Cacatuoides “Double Red”
Peppermint Pikeheads
Blue Leopard Endler Guppies
Bolivian Rams
Pair Parua Rainbows
XL Blue Lobster
Pictus Catfish
Red Tiger Platys
Sunset Mollys
Odessa Barbs
Ngara Peacocks
Placidochromis Phenochilus “Start Sapphire”
Albino Strawberry Peacocks
Copadichromis Boadzulu
Julidochromis Regaini “Burundi”
White Calves



Marine Fish

Bali Harlequin Tusks
Triple Tail Wrasse
Passers Angel
Harbor Goby
Clown Fish
XLg Porcupine Puffer
Navarchus Angels
Queen Angels
Swissguard Basslet
Blue Parrot
Blue Face Angel
Sm. Foxface
XLg Possom Wrasse
Pintail Wrasse
Cuban Hog
XLg Blue Reef Chromis
Blue Line Rabbit
Sm. Yellow Belly
Chevron Tangs
Mystey Wrasse
Chocolate Tangs
Quoyi Parrot




Ultra Show Bower
Carpet Lobo
Inferno Gonipora
Neon Green
Ultra Show Size Bower Banki
Super Rainbow lobo
Little Orange, Red, and Green Acans
Assorted Combos
Tall pipe Green Galaxea
Ultra Neon Green Aussie Gonis
Big Green and Orange Pavonas
Pink Tip Green Robusta
Red and Green Symphyllia
Arrow Crab
Decorator Crab




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