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Friday, February 14, 2020


Freshwater Fish


Electric Blue Balloon Rams

Golden Back Shrimps

Black Arowana

FW Assasin Snails

Silver Arowanas

XL Vampire Pleco

Blue Neon Stiphodon Gobies

Sakura Gobies

Orange Sunkist Shrimps

Black Chocolate Shrimps

Red Rili Shrimps

Tiger Fin Loaches

Gymnogeophagus Balzani

Geophagus Winimilleri

Flat Flyer Pleco (L235)

Electric Blue Balloon Rams

XL Red Orandas

Black Moor Goldfish

Apisto. Cacatuoides “Red”

Apisto. Hongsloi

Apisto. Viejita “II”

Long Fin Panda Corys

True Siamensis

Rose Petal Bettas



Marine Fish


Royal Grammas

Cuban Hogs

Yellow Tangs

Lollypop Tangs

Lemon Peel Angels

Banded Cat Sharks

Banggai Cardinals

XXLG Niger Trigger

Queen Angels

Squamipinnis Anthias

Blue Head Wrasse

Diamond Sleepers

Pin-Tail Wrasse

Scribble Angels

Blue Chromis

Rock Beauties

Pink Tail Trigger

Blotchy Anthias

Cuban Hogs

Sea Grass Wrasse

Fugu Puffer




Another great week here at Absolutely Fish Inc. We refilled the frag tanks this week, got some amazing anemones and critters! Indo and Aust corals always looking great. Reef Clubbers, time to upgrade and check your emails.


Pink Eye Acan

Orange Eye Chalice

Rainbow Acan Frags

Ultra Pectina

Blue Eye Bowerbanki

Multi – Color Crinoids

Aust. Coco Worms

Metallic Frogspawns

Pink Tips Neon Green Torch

Ultra – Dragon Eye Zoa

Metallic Green Sinularia Leather

XL Metallic Green Sinularia

Green Button Polyps “Indo”

Purple Base Green Bubble Tips

XL Rose Bubble Tips

XL Xmas Favia “Metallic”

XL Red Acan Bower

10 Assorted Rainbow Acan Frags

Rainbow Goni Frags

Tiger Trachy Brain

LG Colt Coral




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