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What’s New

Updated November 08, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Gelius Barbs

German Blue Rams

Snow White Discus

Red Neon Luminatus Rainbows

Figure 8 Puffer

XL Ranchu Goldfish

XL Ryukin Goldfish

Triband Sumo Loaches

Horse Face Loaches

Gold Dojo Loaches

Flagtail Prochilodus

Flash Emperor Pleco (L204)

Red Fin Pleco (L178)

Drape Fin Barbs

Parkinsoni Rainbows

Blue Kamaka Rainbows

Vampire Swordtails

Tangerine LT Mollys

PR Apisto Pandoru

PR Apisto Agassizi “Fire”

Albino Blue Diamond Discus

Red Fiji Discus

Leporinus Granti

Thai Micro Crab

Clown Killies



Marine Fish


Orange Spot Rabbitfish

Clown Sweetlips

Ringens Triggers

Rooster Snappers

Black Boxfish

12 Line Wrasse

Fat Head Anthias

Swissgaurd Basslet

Marble Wrasse

Vermiculate Leopard Wrasse

Flame Tail Blenny

Blue Head Wrasse

Hispidus Puffer

Pylei Wrasse

Quoyi Parrot

Moorish Idol

Long Nose Hawk

Randalli Goby

Mimic Tang

Red Margin Fairy Wrasse

Show Metallic Fox Face

Slopas Tang

Copper Band Butterfly

Yasha Hase Goby

Pearly Jawfish

Lantern Bass

Possum Wrasse






This is the best week of the entire year for rare one – offs! If you want to see the rarest of rare stop in and check em out!

Da cherries!


Neon Wellsy “Open Brain”

Candy Corn RBT

Quad Heads Rainbow Trachy

“Rare” Acan Warpaint

Orange Eye Echinata

LG Aust Orange Torch “Multi-Head”

Show Neon Green Trachy Brain

Black Heart Trachys

Yellow Alveopora

Orange Eye Red Goniopora

Metallic Green Frogspawn

Coco Worms a’Plenty!

Aust. Xmas Worm Rock “Rare”

Yellow Blue Tube Anemone

Red Sponge Crab

Goblin and Demon Eye Chalice

Orange Wall Hammer

Green Bubble Coral

Dragon Soul Favia

100+ New Unique Frags

There a lot more, come and see them!






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