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What’s New

Updated May 24, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Electric Blue Rams

Blue Pinto Shrimps

Vampire Pleco (L-240)

OB Peacocks

Avocado Puffer

Tropheus Moori “Ikolakaiser”

Julidochromis Transcriptus

Blue Phantom Pleco (L-128)

Baby Rhino Plecos

Rummynose Tetras

PR Apisto Vieja  II

PR Apisto Agassizi “Fire Red”

PR Red Sunset Sailfin Mollys

Polypterus Delhezi

Scarlet Baddis

Black Choco Shrimp

Red Tiger Severums

Garra Spilota

Juvenile Parachromis “RED”

Herichtys Carpintus “Rio Hondo”

Parachromis Loiselle


Marine Fish



Flame Angel

Hermit Crabs

Orbic Batfish

Yellow Tangs

Banana Wrasse

Metallic Foxfaces

Gray Poma Angel

Declives Butterfly

Cooks Island Canary Damsel


Colletti Basslet

Starry Blennies

Mappa Puffer

Spotted Sweetlips

Collare Butterfly

Cortez Angel

Brevirosterus Tang]

Bartlett Anthias

Clown Trigge5r

Gold Puffer

Blue Reef Chromis




Crazy Aussie week here! 12 LG – XL Wild Aussie Acro and crazy Anemones and tons of frags!

Some of the hotness is:


Wild Interstellar Rocks

Pink and Blue Alveo

Neon Sea Mat

Duncan Coral

Nuclear Stag

Blue Polyp Acro

Purple Platygyra

Orange and Blue Hammers

Metallic Hammer Frags

Bright Red Goniopora Frags

Blue Tip Elegance

Blue Prism Symphyllia

Yellow Eye Goniastrea

Candy Crash Shroom Rocks

Ultra-Acid Chalice

War Corals

Yellow Ritteri Anemone





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