We Care About Our Fish

Water changes: In the freshwater section one third of the water is replenished after acclimating the new fishes (we use the drip method of acclimation to keep stress levels at a minimum). We also do thirty to fifty percent water changes every month, and vacuum the gravel to prevent the build up of wastes in the tanks. A meticulous record is keep of all filter and water changes for all tanks. All of the freshwater tanks have separate filters to allow us to use specific medications and to prevent the spread of disease. It also allows us to closely monitor the water conditions within each tank so we can cater to the very specific needs of freshwater fishes. The salt-water fish section is on one custom-built filtering system. Multiple ultraviolet sterilizers are used to prevent the spread of parasites. The large volume of water (over 3,000 gallons) helps to prevent spikes in ammonia and nitrite, a common problem in most aquarium stores. The bottoms of all the marine tanks are vacuumed each month, and recorded. Water is replaced whenever new fish are brought in. The constant replacement of water helps to keep nitrates at an extremely low concentration. Protein skimmers, and large wet/dry biological filters are incorporated to keep the tanks sparkling, and the fish smiling.

Tap water: Unlike most aquarium stores we use only the purest water for our fishes. Rather than pouring impure tap water into our system, we use a commercial grade state of the art Reverse Osmosis filter. This filter incorporates a thin film composite membrane capable of purifying up to 650 gallons of water per day. We sell this water for $1 per gallon, so your fish may benefit from high quality water too (Just bring in your own container, and we’ll fill it up). When the water leaves the filter it has a T.D.S. (total dissolved solids) reading of less than 5ppm, compared to tap water which can reach as high as 500. The filter is meticulously maintained to ensure only the highest quality. Temperature, and pH levels of the water are adjusted in large vats made of inert polystyrene to ensure that none of the water becomes contaminated. We use Seachem buffers, and Instant Ocean sea salt, keeping our fish healthy and happy.