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What’s New

Updated October 11, 2019


Freshwater Fish 

Turquoise Gouramis

Firefish Peacock

Gold Back Shrimps

Blueberry OB Peacocks

Tiger Archers

Red Face Gold Severum

Baby Polypterus Ornatippinis

Labidochromis “Hongi Red Top”

Neolamprologus Sexfaciatus “Gold”

Pearl Scale Goldfish

Broadtail Orandas

Ranchu Goldfish

Gold Nugget Pleco (L018)

Black Telescope Goldfish

Black Emperor Tetras

Leopard Ctenopomas

White Halfmoon Bettas

Black Phantom Tetras

African Odoe Pike

Pair Apisto. Cacatuoides “Orange”

Pair Full Black Guppies

Orange Sunkirt  Shrimp

Bolivian Rams



Marine Fish


African Red Firefish

Diamond Gobies

Australian Tusks

Dogface Puffer

Long Horn Cowfish

Solorensis Wrasse

French Angel

Flame Angels

Banana Fish

Katherines’ Wrasse

Powder Blue Tang

Yellow Mouth Morray

Moorish Idol

Desjardini Tang

Orange Back Wrasse

Falviacauda Tang

Heniochus Butterfly

Scribble Angel

Hepatus Tang

Boners Parrot

Blue Jaw Trigger

Watanabi Angel


Aquatic Experience 2019 is here! Came back from LA show and went crazy buying and sucking up all the corals I find. There is some of the most insane coral we have now! You gotta come and look! To all Reef Club members make sure you get your raffle tickets this month for a chance to win one of our prizes!

Da cherries!!


Master Scolymia

Show Bowerbanki

Tiger Crinoids

Mutant Scolies

Bubble White Corals

Orange Aust Torch

Pink Tip Torch

Hot Pink Cynarina

Joker Green Star Polyp

Show Rainbow Brains (MD & LG Available)

Pink Dot Lobo

Croc Island Scolies

White Bubble

Electric Elegance

Metallic Stall Duncan

2”-3” Derasa Clams

Ultra Maxima

Todd’s Torches “Rare”

Blue Eye Goniastrea

Fruit Loops

Blue Zoas

Insomnia Brain

XL GP Sarco

200 Insane Frags


There a lot more, come and see them!






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