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Updated Jan. 11 to 24, 2019




 Wild Scalare Angels

Cardinal Tetra

Polypterus Delhezi

VT Gold Marble Angels

VT Silver Angels

Cory Pygmaes

Cory Habrosus

Red Phantom Tetras

Zebra & Tiger Nerite Snails

Celebes Halfbeaks

Full Red Albino Guppies

Medusa Bushynose Plecos

King Tiger Pleco (L-066)

Gold Heterodon Pleco (L-172A)

Snowball Pleco (L-018)

Satanopeca Jurupari

Geophagus Surinamensis

Imperial Tetras

Gold Dennisoni Barbs

Polypterus Ornatipinnis

Mpinbwe Frontosa

Pseudotropheus Demasoni

Lemon Jake Peacock





Ruby Red Dragonettes

Red Sea Regal Angel

Red Firefish

Heniochus Butterflies

Cuban Hog

XLg Scrawl Filefish

Princess Parrot

XLg Blue Stripe Grunt

Mckokeri Wrasses

Lyretail Anthias

Melanurus Wrasses

Lollypop Tangs

Red Sea 8-Line Wrasse

Rhomboides Wrasse

Navarchus Angel

Flame Hawks

Metallic Foxfaces

Annularis Angel

Blueface Angels

Dracula Goby

Moorish Idol



Super Shroom week here at Absolutely Fish!! We have these killers Rainbow Rock with Blue, Purple, Red, and Green Shrooms on same rocks! Killer Torches which are getting hard to come by! Stop in and check em out!!


Rainbow Shroom Rocks

Wild Interstellar Shrooms

Ultra Tridacna Maxima

War Corals

Yellow Tonga Sarco 

Amazing Purple Tip Elegance

Ghost Torch (Purple/Yellow Tips)

Aust. Metallic Green Torch

XL Rose Hammer

Aust. Toxic Hammers

Green Nephtias and Sinularias

Ultra Metallic Green Carpet Anemone

Baby Blue LT Anemone

New Acros, Vallida, Mille, Teavis

GreenPolyp Sarcos

Long Polyp Leathers

500 Frags Brought in From our Facility




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