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September 25, 2020


Freshwater Fish


Spotted Gar

Red Marlboro Discus

Blue Phantom Pleco L128

Skunk Cory

Blue Bolt Shrimps

XL Distichodus lussoso

Target Fish

Giant Ottos

Gold Nugget Plecos L018

Red Fin Cactus Plecos L024

Black Lancer Catfish

Gold Demisonii Barb

Fire Line Danios

Skunk Corys

Red Turquoise Discus

Pair Pygmy Swordtails

Espei Rasbora

Briggitae Rasbora

Weather Loaches

Albino Corysterbaii

Vietnam Hillstream Loaches

Red Pinto Shrimp

Black Galaxy Shrimps



Marine Fish


Japanese Dragon Eel

Katherine Wrasse

Clown Sweetlips

Clown Triggers

Long Nose Hawk

Blonde Naso Tangs

Venustus Angel

Coral Beauties

One Spot Foxfaces

Bicolor Goats

Algae Blennies

Hepatus Tangs

Purple Firefish

Desjardini Tang

Lollypop Tangs

Ruby Red Dragonettes

Pintail Wrasse

Green Chromis

Auriantias Angel

Orbic Batfish

Tiera Batfish

Imperator Angel

Diamond Gobies

Yellow Coris

Blue Face Angel





Lots O’ Bubbles!

We’ve got 6 ultra-green bubble corals available! As well as..


Rainbow Symphyllia

Ultra Green Bubble Coral

Rose Bubble Tips Anemone

Pink Chalice

Ultra Cloves

War Paint Acan

Rainbow Wall Hammer

Dragon Soul Torch

Orange Aussie Torch

Neon Green Bubble Coral

Ultra Acan Echinatas

Black Center Elegance

Orange Carpet Lobo

Giant Cup Mushroom Metallic Green

Combo Buttons

Rasta Leathers

Colt Corals

Hot Pink Cynarina

Green Bubble Tip Anemone

Orange and Pink Carnations

Toxic Hammers

Orange Frogspawns

Fox Corals

Green Alveopora

Green Gonipora

Pulsing Xenia



Tons of Frags

And moree…


If you have any inquiries regarding corals, inverts, and coral frags, please call us at (973) 365-0200.

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