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July 30, 2021


Freshwater Fish


Filamentosa Barbs
Scarlet Gem
Gold Nugget Plecos L018
Albino Cherry Barbs
Dalmatian Lyretail Mollys
Pearl Scale Goldfish
Hi-Fin Loach Sharks
Mustard Spot Pleco LDA031
Fire Eel
PR Apisto. Agassizi “Fire”
Diamond Tetras
Cory Pygmaes
Skunk Corys
Gold Mickey Mouse Platys
Half Black Rose Red Guppies
Koi Guppy PR
Avatar Betta
Koi Nemo Betta
Mono Sebae
Syndontis petricola “Blonde”
Tyrannochromis maculiceps
XL neolamp. Tretocephalus
Copadichromis borleyi
♂ Gymnogeophagus balzani


Marine Fish


Starki Damsel
Powder Blue Tang
Gold Arc Eye Hawk
Long Nose Hawk
Lollypop Tang
Grey Poma Angel
Fowleri Tang
Bilineatus breams
Naso Tangs
Lemon Peel Angel
Streamer Blonde Naso
Guttatus Rabbit
Scribble Angel
Achilles Tang
Tomini Tang
Clown Trigger
Tasseled File
Fiji Devil Damsel
Blue Face Angel
Blue LineRAbbit
Maculiceps Tang
Fuzzy Dwarf Lion






We got some hot new items this week. I wanted to try and get more soft corals and anemones this week! Be sure to check out our live streams for new hot items every Thursday and Friday.

Red Carpet Anemone
LT Anemones
Ultra-Rainbow Acan
Master of All Scoly
Colt Corals
Neon Green Polyp Sarco
Neon Green Sinularina
Frilly Shroom Rocks
Rose Bubbles
Ritteri Anemones
Hot Pink Cynarina
White Cap Goby/Pistol Pair
Electric Flame Scallops
Orange Linkia Stars
Pineapple Brains
Tiger Tail Cucumbers
Sand Conchs
Ultra SPS Frags

And so much more!!!

If you have any inquiries regarding corals, inverts, and coral frags, please call us at (973) 365-0200.

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