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What’s New

Updated June 14, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Wild Green Discus

Electric Blue Balloon Rams

Silver Arowana

Green Fire Tetra

Long Fin Tiger Barb

Leopard Plecos (L-124)

Blue Phantom Plecos (L-128)

Super Bicolor Corys (CW-051)

Geophagus “Red Head Tapajos”

Blue Velvet Shrimp

Albino Acarichthys Heckelli

XL Zebra Lace Angels

Krobia Itanyi

Synodontis Shoutedemi

Albino Gibbiceps Plecos

Male Dumbo Ear Guppies

African Debauwie Cats

Spotted Gar

Lukannini Peacock Bass

XL Odessa Barbs

Vampire Tetra



Marine Fish


Clarion Angel

Ruby Red Dragonettes

Imperator Angel

Long Nose Hawkfish

Tassle Filefish

XLG Clown File Fish

12” Princess Parrot

Hepatus Tang S,M,L,XL

SM Foxfaces


Fathead Anthias

Blue Jaw Trigger

Twinspot Wrasse

Baby Clown Triggers

Goldtail Morray

Radiant Wrasse

Sepiacauda Hog

Longnose Hawk

Blue Reef Chromis

Yashe Hashe Goby

SM Cuban Hogs




Another (inter)stellar week here at Absolutely Fish. We got some crazy corals and some awesome anemones. Amazing frags to choose from!



Master Scolymia

Orange Eye Lava Chalice

Neon Orange Cerianthus

Red Crinoids

Ghost Purple Torch

SM Neon Green Carpet

MD Purple Ritteri

Rose, Orange Tip, Green, Purple Base Bubble Tips

15” Acan Bowerbanki “Green Goblin”

Aust. Marbled Hammer

10 Acan Lord to choose!!

Neon Green Tip Torches

Orange Yuma Rocks

Interstellar Frags

Dragon Soul Favia

XXL White Bubble Corals

Acro. Loripe “Red Polyp”

Eagle Eye Zoas

Metallic Sea Mat

Cladiella, Colts, Gunalias



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