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Friday, November 22, 2019


Freshwater Fish 


Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Gold Nugget Pleco (L018)

Gold Back Shrimps

Ruby Red Peacocks

Sparkling Gouramis

Synodontis Granulosus

Synodontus Angellicus

Adonis Plecos(L155)

Yellow King Tiger Pleco (L333)

Geophagus “Red Head Tapajos”

Skunk Loaches

Cory Punctatus

Atya Viper Shrimp

Bubble Eye Goldfish

Black Ghost Knives

Excichlasoma Salvini

Nondopsis Grammodes

Paraneetroplus Bulleri

Albino Angels

Panda Angels

Snow white Socoloffi

Chocolate Cichlids

Ilyodon Furcidens




Marine Fish


Hepatus Tangs

Ruby Red Dragonettes

Powder Blue Tangs

Ringens Triggers

Darwin Glow Wrasse

Bangaii Cardinals

Helfreichi Firefish

Fiji Regal Angels

Tassled File

Diamond Gobies

Orange Back Wrasse

Yellow Goats

Fat Head Anthias

Orange Shoulder Tang

Tiger Wardi Goby

Kole Tang

Starki Damsels

Blue Dot Jaws

Lemon Peel Angels

Tenneti Tang

Annularis Angel

Jumbo Midas Blennies

Bartlett Anthias






Another crazy week here at Absolutely Fish! All you Reef Clubbers, see yah this Saturday, November 23 at the Aquaculture Facility!


Some of the highlights this week!

“Rare” Rainbow Symphyllia

“Rare” Show Meat Coral

Blue Tuxedo Urchins

Blue Alveopora

Pink Tip Torch

Neon Green Torch

Indo Orange Torch “Rare”

Neon Green LT Anemones

Neon Green Bubble Tips

Rainbow Rose Bubble Tips

Marbled Crinoid Feather Stars

XL Aust. Duncan

Neon Blue Tip Elegance

Yellow/Blue Cerianthus Tube Anemone

Show Size Rock Superman Shrooms

XL Linkin Stars

Rainbow Croc Island Scolie

100+ New Unique Frags

There a lot more, come and see them!






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