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The Solution to Slow Coral Growth


By William Ciaurro


If you know me, you know one thing I would never do is hype a product I didn't believe in. And believe me, I'm very skeptical of a lot. One thing I'll stand by through and through however, is the use of amino acids in the reef aquarium.

“But Billy, why do I need amino acids?”

A fair question my padawan, let me explain. One of the joys in keeping a reef is watching the corals grow; single polyps into large colonies! The problem for me is that it takes so darn long!

Introducing the solution… amino acids!

Still not there yet? Okay, let me explain further. Amino acids are organic compounds used for nutrition in living things. These compounds are essential to growth, and in particular for QUICK growth.

“Wow! How does it work? Can you explain it using minimal scientific mumbo jumbo?”

I certainly can. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. Corals can synthesize many amino acids, but some amino acids can only be obtained through food sources. By presenting the coral with plentiful amino acids it can then create the essential proteins with ease. I've personally used Reef Energy, by Red Sea. Reef Energy is a two part supplement. Part A stimulates the corals to extend their polyps, and in this way Part B is easily consumed and utilized by the tissue.

We have such faith in amino acids here at Absolutely Fish, that we use it extensively at both the shop and our aquaculture facility. Amino acids come in many forms by the way. You can find amino acid liquids, powders, and infused foods. Stop by the shop and ask one of our M–1 Certified Aquarists to let you know more about the magic of this miracle compound.

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