One of the greatest threats to our environment today is the accumulation of rubbish in our oceans and waterways. The majority of this refuse consists of single-use plastics, waste made of a material designed not to break down over time. For more information on just how serious this matter is lookup the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating mass of trash roughly twice the size of Texas.

One of our biggest detriments is the amount of plastic bags we use when packaging up fish, corals, plants and other livestock to be taken home. For Earth Week of 2021 we wanted to work on a solution to this, and sought out a reusable way of transporting fish from store to home without any waste. Before officially releasing anything we tested containers with our staff and some of our regular customers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, providing a reusable and safe way to replace single-use plastic bags that are now in use by more than 300 of our regular customers!

Introducing the P.E.T. Jar!

Portable Environmental Transport (P.E.T.) allows you to safely and securely transport your newly acquired creatures, and bring back the container each time you visit to avoid contributing to the single-use plastic crisis. While yes these jars are made of plastic, they are never to be disposed of (and fully recyclable!). Purchasing a P.E.T. jar not only reduces your carbon footprint but also gives your animals a sturdy and reusable transport vessel. We currently have three different sizes, a small and a large container for the transport of fish, plants and invertebrates, as well as frag jars designed to carry up to six frags.

We are working on new iterations as well, such as incorporating a dripline into the jars to further ease the acclimation process. The frag and PET jars offer incentives to those that use them as well. Stop by the store to see some of our other sustainable programs and conservation outreach. We hope to see you soon!