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So Ugly They’re Cute!

Unique Fish at Absolutely Fish

By William C


Gold PufferDid you ever notice how some fish are so ugly that they’re cute? No? Well I have one word for you — Pufferfish — Case in Point! These guys have an ugly mug for sure! From their fantastic set of chompers, to their almost dog like faces these fish inspire many hobbyists around the world. They’re also smart and recognize their owners as “the great caregiver”.


Big Eye CatalufaBut perhaps that’s not really ugly in your opinion… and we might agree with you. There is in fact a fish that stands out more than the pufferfish! The Big Eye Catalufa — has a face only a mother could love (or pet owner). The eyes on these bad boys are for seeing in the darkness and hunting prey.


LookdownBig eye, big deal — I bet you haven’t seen a fish as unique as this one though. The Lookdown is a large growing schooling fish. This fish looks like you wrapped a flounder in aluminum foil and made it stand upright! Very cool indeed!


Wartskin AnglerThe Wartskin Angler— Also known as a “Frogfish” is one of the most horrifically beautiful fish under the sea. They blend in with the surrounding reef and prey on small critters such as shrimp and tiny fish! Look at how rigid they appear —- they’re actually quite soft, their bodies expand to trap prey as large as themselves!


Rhinopias ScorpionNone of these fish hold a candle to my top Ugly-Beauty… (Drum roll) The Rhinopias Scorpionfish! This is truly a wonder to behold. Much like a frogfish that blends in with its’ surroundings, the Rhinopias looks like a large piece of coral itself — It fools more than us, just ask its prey!
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