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Freshwater Spotlight — Scarlet Badis: A Unique Nano Fish

By Rebecca Noah


Tropical Fish for Sale New Jersey - Scarlet Badis: A Unique Nano FishOften overlooked, the stunning Scarlet Badis (Dario dario) is an eye–catching micro–species of freshwater fish. Sporting seven vertical stripes, the Scarlet Badis is a beautiful red–orange fish with iridescent blue colors lining its stripes and fins. The Scarlet Badis are the smallest known perch–like fish and reminiscent of dwarf cichlids in behavior and body type. Males of the species reach a maximum size of just under an inch (2 cm) and females only half of an inch (1.3 cm). Males of the species also exhibit bolder and brighter colors along with larger sizes.

The Scarlet Badis are native to India and inhabit shallow, clear water streams and tributaries. The natural habitat of the Scarlet Badis includes dense vegetation and aquatic growth with a fine substrate. A planted tank would be appreciated by the shy species but not demanded. The Scarlet Badis are an easy fish to care for and can thrive in a variety of conditions as long as the conditions remain stable.

A peaceful fish by nature, the Scarlet Badis can be housed with its own species as well as many others. Male Scarlet Badis can be territorial if not enough tank space is provided. I would also recommend keeping Scarlet Badis in a community with fish of similar temperament and size, so that their beauty and personalities can be better seen. Scarlet Badis become shyer when placed with fast moving or boisterous tank mates and can also be quickly outcompeted for food.

Tropical Fish for Sale New Jersey - Scarlet Badis: A Unique Nano FishThe Scarlet Badis are micro predators in the wild, feeding on small species of crustaceans, worms, insect larvae, and zooplankton. They should be fed a varied diet of frozen and freeze–dried foods in the home aquaria including daphnia, tubiflex worms, brine shrimp, cyclops, and high–quality pellets. Scarlet Badis are unlikely to take flake food and should be given bloodworms sparingly as they have been shown to develop issues with obesity and diseases when fed too often.

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