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Most Popular Marine Fish to Buy in 2016

Most Popular Marine Fish to Buy in 2016

The following list compiles our best sellers among the small tropical group. Most of these fish make great nano reef inhabitants (30 gallons and under). Reef keepers of all sizes desire these fish for their color and behavior, making them the most popular among all marine hobbyists. For most of these fish it is advised to only purchase one per aquarium, regardless of size.


#8 Filamentosa/Flasher Wrasse

These small wrasses get their name from the extraordinary dorsal fins and “flashing” colors. They are all from the Indo-Pacific reefs and must be fed Calanus Arcti-Pods to retain their colors.

#7 O-Spot Prawn Goby

These sand-movers and shakers are one of the most desired nano fish because of their symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimp. They are inexpensive, hardy, and fun to keep.

#6 Maroon Clowns

They are the only clownfish with a separate genus (Premnas). They use a unique spine on their operculum to spar with other clownfish and conspecifics, thus never add them with other clownfish.

#5 6-Line Wrasses

A hardy wrasse that stays small (less than 1.5 inches). Although look out! They can be aggressive toward other tankmates later on.

#4 Yellowtail/Blue Damsels

Only keep one per aquarium. These smallish guys never hide and are some of the most resilient yet docile Pomacentrids.

#3 Royal Grammas

This beautiful small basslett comes from Caribbean waters, often seen by divers off the coast of Florida.

#2 Green Chromis

One of the most widespread fishes of the Indo-Pacific tropical reefs, they can be kept in groups in 40 gallons or larger. We recommend not starting with them and only purchasing SHIEC-collected specimens. Come in and ask about this sustainability effort!

#1 Ocellaris Clowns

“Nemo” – Almost all in the trade are Aquacultured. This is a huge step for our industry.

If interested, please call or stop in with any questions you may have on these fish. As an added bonus, mention you saw them on “the most popular 2016” list and get 20% off any of these fish for purchase. Stay tuned for Most Popular 2016 medium fish!

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