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Most Popular Marine Fish in 2016

The subsequent list is a compilation of our bestselling medium sized marine fish. Most of these fish can be housed in an aquarium of 75 gallons or larger. These fish are prized for their remarkable patterns and coloration, as well as their active bright personalities.


#8 Heniochus Butterfly/Longfin Bannerfish

The most impressive feature about this fish must be the elongated dorsal filament, from which it derives the name “Bannerfish”. Once established it is generally active and fairly hardy for a butterfly fish. These guys look phenomenal in groups, small or large!

#7 Hepatus Tang/Regal Blue Tang

“Dory”- The popularity of this fish exploded when Finding Nemo hit theaters, and has definitely resurged thanks to Finding Dory. Not to say that the big pictures were the only source of popularity, however; its striking black mask and vibrant blue and yellow coloration make this fish a sight for sore eyes. These fish can be sensitive, and a U.V. sterilizer is absolutely recommended.

#6 Bartlett Anthias

These are great fish to have swimming out and about in a fish only or reef aquarium. They are usually kept in harems, with one male to multiple females. Interestingly enough, if the male perishes, the dominant female will begin to change sex to take the male’s place. Best kept when fed small meals of high energy foods throughout the day, such as arctipods, reef plankton, or a high quality pellet soaked in fatty acids.

#5 Flame Angel

These fish are definitely show stoppers, their bright red orange coloration is almost impossible to match. Best as the only dwarf angel in the tank. These fish can be sensitive, so they are also best kept with a U.V. sterilizer. Careful in reef tanks, they have been known to nip at polyps!

#4 Melanurus Wrasse/Hoeven’s Wrasse

Another great choice if you are looking for something active for your tank. The red, blue, and yellow mask on these fish is certainly something to marvel at. When frightened, or going to bed for the night, these fish are known to bury themselves in the sand.  Should be fed high energy foods, and kept without small crustaceans or mollusks in the aquarium.

#3 Foxface Rabbitfish

A great fish for any tank! Fish only or reef, even with slightly more aggressive tank mates, these fish can find a home anywhere. They are peaceful herbivores, but they are armed with venomous spines in their dorsal fin that can be used to ward off aggression. When frightened or going to sleep, they can change their yellow bodies to a blotchy grey and white in order to blend into their surroundings. Should be offered algae based foods 2-3 times a week.

#2 Coral Beauty Angel

The classic dwarf angel fish, these can be housed in a tank as small as 40 gallons. Usually they are better behaved in reef tanks then some of their cousins, but keep in mind, they can always change tastes! A U.V. sterilizer is recommended.

#1 Yellow Tang

These are vibrant fish great for almost any aquarium of adequate size. These herbivores hail from Hawaii and are beginning to make a bigger scene in the aqua culture industry. Beware adding them as one of the first fish to the aquarium as they can become quite territorial, and not just to other tangs. Make sure you have a U.V. and you offer algae based foods 2-3 times per week.

If interested, please call or stop in with any questions you may have on these fish. As an added bonus, mention you saw them on “the most popular 2016” list and get 20% off any of these fish for purchase. Stay tuned for Most Popular 2016 large fish!

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