The Midnight Madness: XIV event is our BIGGEST sale of the year!

Midnight Madness: XIV was a huge success! Thank you to all our of our wonderful customers for coming into the store this weekend and taking advantage of the DEEP DISCOUNTS we were offering. Thank you to all the vendors for setting up tables, helping answer questions about their products, and the free give-aways and product samples they brought. Thank you to our employees that dedicated their time and knowledge to helping customers and making this event as exciting as it was. Thanks must be given to all, for without the hard work, support, and patience of everyone involved MM: XIV wouldn’t have been as spectacular as it was.”
– Absolutely Fish


MM: XIV With Respect to Hawaii and Conservation:


By Dibyarka Chatterjee


Issue: Much of Earth’s climate is controlled by large systems of oceanic currents called gyres which flow in circular patterns in between the continents. They also collect and push all floating debris from their outer edges (continentals coasts) towards their centers. Since the Industrial Revolution human civilization has created (and continues to create) a huge variety and quantity of non-biodegradable materials like plastic, rubber, fiberglass etc., which are picked up by rivers and streams and inevitably find their way to the oceans. In the Pacific Ocean this debris is picked up along the western coast of US, as well as the eastern coast of Russia, China and Japan. These are some of the biggest industrial nations in the world (and also the biggest polluters), so we can imagine the debris that has been accumulating in the center of the Pacific Ocean.

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Events, Prizes, and Fun!:

Free Live Brine!
Customers that stopped into the store either day of MM: XIV received a FREE portion of Live Brine Shrimp! (While supplies lasted)


Flower Necklaces (Leis)!
This year’s MM was a Hawaiian theme. Customers that came into the store either day could pick up a FREE flower necklace, or lei, while supplies lasted.


MM: XIV Raffle Winners!!!


Blue Ribbon Décor Set
A $75.00 value!
Kevin Hopkins
 Fort Lee
Buddy Reimer


Hikari Food Pack
A $49.99 value!
Doug Grayson
 Dobbs Ferry
Marco Coello
Beata Kolano
Damian Olszowy
Winner has not given permission to release name
Winner has not given permission to release name
Winner has not given permission to release name


Hagen Accent Tank Setup
A $549.99 value!
Winner has not given permission to release name


75 Gallon Aqueon Tank Setup
A $549.99 value!
Johnny Vega


Current USA 5 Gallon Nano Tank Setup
A $119.99 value!
Ashley Franklin


RedSea Salt
A $69.99 value!
Jose Hernandez


RedSea Pro Salt
A $89.99 value!
Richard Song
 Palisades Park
Winner has not given permission to release name


5 Gallon Fluval Spec Nano Tank Setup
A $89.99 value!
Robert Smith
 West Orange


12 Gallon Mr. Aqua Tank Setup
A $100.00 value!
John Onacilla


New Era Food Pack
A $69.99 value!
William Penn
Ken Cribier
James Bonkosky
Bill Zimmerman


Protein Skimmer
A $150.00 value!
Stan Saryhin
Ahmed Shehab


Cannister Filter
A $199.99 value!
Jemar Mootoo


Reverse Osmosis Unit
A $199.99 value!
Chris Garcia
 Budd Lake


Aqua Ultra UV Sterilizer
A $149.99 value!
Lou Csigi

★★★Please remember to bring in your raffle ticket when claiming your prize.
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