Midnight Madness VIII

Friday, August 22 2008

We would like to thank the 500 or so customers, hobbyists, and aquarists who came to celebrate the Coelacanth.

Chris at Hagen Corp., Joe at Quality Marine, API-Mars Fish Care, Aqua-Ultraviolet, Precision Marine, Omega Sea, Quality Marine, Aqueon, Ecological Labs, Marineland, Python Products, Kent Marine, Cora-life, Dynasty Marine, Newman’s Fish Foods, All Glass/Oceanic, Quality Tropicals, Bob at B&R Marine, Semels Embroidery, and most importantly the 120 boxes of beautiful fish and corals we brought in for the sale.

We hope we inspired and energized your imagination and educated you for beyond what this hobby will take you….

Photos from the Event

Prize Winners

Aqua-Vac by Hagen
Chelsea Stone Bloomfield, NJ
Day Boader West Caldwell, NJ
Kenneth S. Favr Maywood, NJ
Floyd Santiago NYC, NY
U.V. Sterilizer by Aqua-Ultraviolet
Jesse Karr Morris Township, NJ
Cannister Filter by API
Scott Lauler Harmony, NJ
Cannister Filter by Marineland
Mike Jasmin Maplewood, NJ
Cannister Filter by Hagen
Debbie Kenny Saddlebrook, NJ
Protein Skimmer by Coralife
Robert Ambrose East Hanover, NJ
Skimmer by MTC
Trudy Buvke Jackson, NJ
Red-Line Protein Skimmer
Kenny Natasco Rutherford, NJ
25 GPD R.O. Unit by Coralife
Alvin Howard West Orange, NJ
50 GDP R.O. Unit by Coralife
Ron Garofalo North Arlington, NJ
105g Tank Combo by Oceanic
Rich Gordon North Halendon, NJ
Osaka Aquarium by Hagen
Allan Edmond East Orange, NJ
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