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Marine Angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae


By William Ciaurro


Marine Angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae, are some magnificent animals. With bold and beautiful colors it’s easy to see the appeal. I mean who doesn’t want an exotic, beautiful, and unique fish in their home aquarium? I remember my first trip to Absolutely Fish as a customer, I saw an Emperor Angelfish… Now at the time I was not familiar with this beauty, but I was captivated all the same. Interestingly enough, the Emperor Angel changes colors! As a juvenile it is a blue and white striped fish, but when this fish grows it goes through a magnificent metamorphosis transitioning into brilliant designs of yellow and blue. This, as I said, was my first experience with a marine angelfish.

Cortez & Imperator Angelfish

Many other species of marine angelfish, as I found out, go through similar changes in pattern and color. For example the Koran Angel, a fish with similar blue and white stripes, takes on a blue & grey appearance with blue spots as an adult! Did you know, one of the most prized fish in all of Japan is from our very own Florida; the magnificent Queen Angelfish!

Angelfish are a tough bunch and they will hold their own against fish of similar sizes, however their Number One issue in the home aquarium is disease. Marine angels have a lower immune system than that of many other fish and it is for this reason that we recommend ultraviolet sterilizers on any tank that will be housing angelfish. F.Y.I.; a common misconception is that Flame Angels and Argi Angels are much hardier than their large counterparts, but we find that all species, especially Flame Angelfish, can be a sensitive group. To overcome this compromised immune system it is important to feed marine angels a varied diet of mixed foods with lots of veggies as well as some meaty substance. One strange part of their diet is sponge, Marine Angelfish Formula foods will be abundant in this squishy delicacy and should be fed regularly, along with some Vitamin C soaked pellets. Another downside to these awesome fish is their incompatibility with reef aquaria. Although they are finicky and sensitive as I’ve said, I would never steer someone away from purchasing these fish (assuming they had a great setup), as I would never wish to rob someone of their beauty.  

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