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We’d like to describe a few under-rated “cool” fish for you to add to your collection… Poeciliids. Yes that’s right, the livebearers.

They’re easy to breed, communal, and can be purchased in a wide array of colors.

Belonesox belizanusBelonesox belizanus

Belonesox belizanus: The largest of the livebearers AKA the Mexican Topwater Pike. They are predatory and need 55 gallons or more. Females grow to 8 inches, males only 5 inches. Very hard to find in the aquarium trade— Look at their teeth! Amazing!

Platy - Xiphophorus maculatusPlaty - Xiphophorus maculatus

PlatysXiphophorus maculatus: Most consider the heartiest of the livebearers. Great for small community and/or planted aquariums. Males and females can be interbred with a rainbow of colors. How about a variatus for peach-pearl-golden-yellow-jewels?

Swordtail - Xiphophorus helleriiSwordtail - Xiphophorus hellerii

SwordtailsXiphophorus hellerii: Have you ever seen swordtails raised for show? Some of the most gorgeous freshwater fish you’ll ever see! They can be added to most communities and planted-topes. Tip: Always buy one male per two females, then let them amaze you!

Molly - Poecilia viviparaMolly - Poecilia vivipara

MollysPoecilia vivipara: Most versatile and wide ranged of the livebearers. They can be in soft freshwater environments to marine. They are not good starter fish, as they succome to columnaris and tetrahymena infections easily. They are the most herbivorous of the livebearers, thus consider veggie foods and adding salt to the water while keeping these beauties.

Guppies - Poecilia reticulata

GuppysPoecilia reticulata: No livebearer has been bred more, with endless morphs and rainbows of delightfulness. Guppys are not as easy to keep as most believe, they are rather challenging at times. Have you ever seen a tank chocked full of guppys? — It’s a kalidiscope of color that will truly make you smile.

Endler - Poecilia wingei
EndlersPoecilia wingei: Some do not consider a recognized species, but rather a guppy morph. Other’s documented DNA differences from guppys. The debate is still ongoing. In any regard they are truly the primadona of nano-planted tank livebearers.

*Did you know guppys and endlers naturally came from Mexico? Most all other Poeciliids listed here hail from Mexico, Belize, or Guatamala. Describing them as North American, makes these fish from our own backyard…
Now tell me that’s not cool!

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