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Fish Nutrition


By Ryan Sickles

Many fish hobbyists are not aware of the important role that vitamins and a well-balanced diet can play in fish health. Lack of vitamins can cause deformities and stunted growth in fish. When fish are under stress the need for vitamins is increased, as they can provide important immune response, aiding weaker fish to help prevent disease. Vitamins are key nutritional supplements needed to keep your fish in their top conditions.Fish Nutrition

Fish rely on a good diet enriched with vitamins for their immune response and the growth of white blood cells. All of the “B” vitamins are important for optimal growth. Good digestion requires a good amount of pro-biotics. Vitamin C is needed for the synthesis of collagens, which are required for healthy skin, bones, and teeth.

Fish NutritionFish Nutrition

Fish will produce disease fighting antibodies more efficiently when fed a varied diet consisting of protein sources, carbohydrates and fatty acids. These foods should be periodically mixed with a vitamin supplement. Feeding your fish vegetation based foods will give them lots of biotin and keratin. Biotin and keratin are used for building strong eyes and corneas. The carbohydrates that fish consume are necessary for building a strong skin under the fish’s scales. All of these nutrients play a unique and important role in a fish’s body.

Health conditions of aquatic pets can be corrupted very easily with accumulated stress, poor water quality, or a poor choice in diet. It’s up to the fish keeper to give their fish the nutrients they require

I’ve personally experienced my own fish having a boost in their immune functions, colors, and behaviors by using a multivitamin supplement a few times a week. It is a liquid extract which is absorbed into dry pellets and freeze dried treats. I feed the fish by taking a plastic cup, dropping in a few pellets of food and freeze dried shrimp or bloodworms, and then adding a few drops of the liquid vitamin supplement. The fish are fed after the multivitamin been absorbed into the food. If the vitamins were to dry out, they are no longer as strong as if they were to be fed to the fish fresh. Vitamin supplements do not absorb very well into frozen foods as these foods are already saturated with other liquids

As good as multivitamins may be, is is not recommended to feed vitamin soaked foods on a daily basis. Overabundance of certain vitamins in a fish’s system can lead to stress, preventing the fish from properly fighting off pathogens. Fish only need supplemental multivitamins added to their food two or three times per week. This will keep them healthy, fit, and strong. A well balanced diet with multivitamin supplements will help fish produce less cortisol, or stress.

Fish NutritionKeeping a good variety of fish foods, supplemented with occasional vitamin soaks, can really make the difference in fish health. After all, it’s just what we want to see in our fish tanks; healthy, bright, colorful, happy fish!

Please stop into the store and ask anyone of our Certified Aquarists here at Absolutely Fish about the many options of vitamin supplements and foods to soak with!  

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