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This page was designed to inform you of our education and outreach programs. Because education and conservation is so important to us, we hope to emulate our compassion for aquatic life in compelling ways. We strive to help others in connecting with these wonderful creatures and their natural habitat. Our vision is that children and adults make a concerted effort in gaining a formal or informal education in hopes to conserve our oceans and waterways. We do the things below because we want to ignite the passion and build a better industry that really means something. We will be presenting at the following educational forums this year.  Be sure to check back often, as we are adding new dates and locations to our schedule.



Jan 2017: New York State Aquarium (Brooklyn)
Patrick Donston Presentation: Marine biodiversity and the benefits for health, vitality and presentation of aquariums.
May 2017: RAW – Regional Aquatics Workshop (Boston)
Patrick Donston, Heather Hollema, and Todd Furmanek presented poster with Dynasty Marine USA on The Great Hammerhead Study.
Originated – designed – and funded by Absolutely Fish Inc.
Jul 2017: Super Zoo (Las Vegas)
Patrick Donston seminar: “Natural Products”
Seminar: “Marine Invertebrate – diversity”
Oct 2017: Pet Products News Article “The Future of Fishkeeping” – Absolutely Fish featured.
Nov 2017: Aquatics Experience (Chicago)
Patrick Donston designed, constructed and implemented first ever one day curriculum Fish Health Management. Instructors Include:
George Blasiola, Dr. Gregory Lewbart (North Carolina State – DVM), Dr. Timothy Morgan (Oregon State – DVM), Patrick Donston.



Jan 17: Pet Shop of the Year
The North Jersey Aquarium Society awarded us with the Pet Shop of the Year award.
April 22: Earth Day
Absolutely Fish donated and volunteered for the Great Bay Terrapin project, logging information on Diamondback Terrapins.
May 23: World Fish Migration Day
Absolutely Fish hosted an event to preserve fish migration habitats, focusing on Loricariids in South America
June 20: Univision
Univision came to the store and filmed a segment for Finding Dory
August 1-3: Super Zoo
Patrick Donston traveled to Las Vegas to give a presentation on organic and natural aquarium products
November 4-6: Aquatics Experience
Patrick Donston traveled to Chicago to give seminars.


Nov 6-8: Aquatics Experience

Patrick Donston gave a seminar at the Chicago Aquatics Experience on Freshwater and Marine fishes and disease control.

July 24-27: Super Zoo

Patrick Donston gave a presentation on “Marine Exotics” in Las Vegas

April 22 – Earth Day

Absolutely Fish partnered with Dynasty Marine Association of Florida Encounters to start a hammerhead tracking project and

Jan 25: Urban Animals

Urban Animals visited Absolutely Fish to film a TV segment on how to properly set up a nano fish habitat.


April 22: Earth Day Celebration
The Great Bay Terrapin Project
Absolutely Fish supports the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ for their efforts in building fences to keep endangered terrapins within their nesting grounds.

May 24th: World Fish Migration Day
Where Have all the Loricariids Gone?
Absolutely Fish sponsors an event with the World Fish Migration Day to educate aquarists and clients on the serious conservation issues of catfish migration in the Amazon.

July 22 – 24:
Super Zoo
Las Vegas NV
Patrick Donston seminars:
“Pathogenesis of Marine Fish” and “Freshwater Health & Husbandry Tips for Your Fish Room Crew”

August 15th:
Coral & Reef USA – 2015 Annual
Fragging for the Future
David Lass
Absolutely Fish featured in an article with photos from the Absolutely Fish Aquaculture Facility.

September 30th:
Southern California Aquarist Group
Los Angeles CA
Patrick Donston presentation:
“Stronger Fish, Healthy Aquariums” – Immune functions – Nutrition – Water born bacterial counts.

November 7- 9:
The Aquatics Experience
Chicago IL
Patrick Donston seminars:
“The 2015 Aquatics Shop” and “Hiring & Training Strategies Proven to Work”.



November 15 – 17:
The Aquatics Experience Expo
Chicago, IL
Patrick Donston Seminars

Nov. 6:
Aquaculture and the New Generation
Montclair State University
Lecture – Patrick Donston

Oct. 11-13:
North Jersey Aquarium Society 60th Anniversary Show
Rutgers University
“Stronger Fish, Healthy Aquariums”
Speaker – Patrick Donston

Aug 9-11:
Ornamental Fish Health Symposium for Professional Aquarists
Portland, ME
Seminar by Patrick Donston
Sponsored By: University of New England

July 23-25:
Super Zoo
Las Vegas, NV
Animal Wellness Seminars conducted by Patrick Donston

April 23-25:
Top to Top Pet Industry Conference
San Fransisco, CA

March 6
Under the Sea Radio Show
Interview with Patrick Donston

Feb. 19 – 21:
Global Pet Expo
Orlando, FL
Absolutely Fish awarded Retailer Excellence Award



June 3rd
Blue Zoo Radio
Patrick Donston interview.

March 23-25:
NEC – North East Aquarium Society Convention
Crowne Plaza
New Haven, CT

April 18-20:
37th Annual Pet Industry Spring Show
Atlantic City Convention Center
Atlantic City, NJ

April 28:
Earth Day Celebration
Chatham High School Gymnassium
Chatham, NJ

May 3-4:
Top to Top Pet Industry Conference
Hilton – Torrey Pines
La Jolla, CA

Sept. 11-13:
Super Zoo
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Oct: 12-14:
HH Backer Christmas Pet Industry Show
Donald E. Sephens Convention Center
Chicago, IL



November 4, 2011
Central Pet – Tampa, FL
“Branding the Aquatics” – 3 hour presentation by Patrick Donston

October 14, 15, 16
HH Backer Pet Industry Show
Chicago IL
Patrick Donston “Ask the Expert” Sessions – Marine Husbandry Practices,
Constructing an Aquatics Manual

September 13, 14, 15
Super Zoo
Las Vegas, NV
“Stronger Fish, Healthy Aquarium”- Presentation by Patrick Donston

June 5, 2011
Blue Zoo Radio
Patrick Donston guest @ 8:00 pm.

April 13, 14, 15, 2011
Pet Industry Spring Conference
Atlantic City, NJ
Seminars on: Marine Fish Disease and Cures
Moderator of Aquatic Industry Summit (April 14 @ 4:00 P.M.)

April 11, 2011
Cedar Grove (South) Elementary Earth Day Science Fair
Absolutely Fish exhibitor of “touch” tanks educating students upon the biology and conservation of marine fish and invertebrates.

April 8, 2011
Bergen Community College Marine Sciences Lab taught at Absolutely Fish on Invertebrate diversity.
By Patrick Donston and Todd Furmanek.

March 13, 2011
Turtleback Zoo
Patrick Donston Presentation at 12:30 P.M.
Speaking about the Fishes in the new “World of Water Exhibits”.  Speaking on the biology, behavior, and evolution of fish collection as they pertain to their natural habitats



November 28 , 2010
Blue Zoo Radio
Patrick Donston guest. 8:00pm

November 12, 2010
New York Aquarium
Coney Island, Brooklyn
Patrick Donston Presentation “Reef Aquarium No-Nos that I Think You Should Do?”

October, 2010
Pet Product News, Retailer of the year award to Absolutely Fish
Article: Schools of Fish pg. 34

Oct. 8 – 10, 2010
Christmas Pet Industry Conference
Chicago, IL
Patrick Donston Seminar “Problems Within the Aquatics Industry and How to Work Around Them
Patrick Donston Moderator “Aquatics Industry Summit”

Sept. 14 – 16, 2010
Super Zoo Conference
Las Vegas NV
Patrick Donston Seminar: “Developing an Outstanding Aquatics Business

August, 2010
The Ocean Conservancy “Splash”
Article – Partner Profile on Absolutely Fish

April 23-25, 2010
HH Backer Spring Pet Conference
Baltimore, MD
Patrick Donston seminar:
“Aquatics Problem Solver Course” (Will be split into three 2 hour sessions)
Click here for details and how to sign up.

March 8, 2010
Blue Zoo Radio
8:00PM – Patrick Donston interview.

March 18, 2010
Meadowlands Environmental Center
Lyndhurst,New Jersey
8:00-11:00 PM
North Jersey Aquarium Society honors Absolutely Fish for outstanding service and livestock.



Oct. 1 – 4, 2009
HH Backer – Christmas Pet Show and World Reef Conference
Chicago, IL
Patrick Donston seminars:
Friday – How to Teach and Train Aquatic Employees
Saturday – Fish Diseases and Husbandry

Sept. 15 – 17, 2009
Super Zoo
Las Vegas, NV
Patrick Donston Seminar: The Aquatics Industry
Also, Nevada Reefers Association Friday, Sept. 16

Sept. 1 and 8, 2009
The Learning Channel
“Masters of Reception” shot and filmed at Absolutely Fish

June 5, 2009
Long Island Reef Association
Patrick Donston seminar: 8:00pm.
“Contradictory Bold Statements about the Marine Aquarium.

“I really enjoyed last night’s presentation. I was appreciative that Patrick stayed around to answer any personal questions” – Frank

“Absolutely a great meeting and speaker. It’s great to see someone in the trade that actually knows what he’s talking about” – Bill

“My first meeting, and I really enjoyed the speaker. I wish I could have heard the rest of his presentation – it was fascinating!”


April, 2009
Absolutely Fish presents: “Freshwater Fishes of the World” to Paterson Charter School for Science. Twelve biotopes were donated for educating students upon the biology, geography, and science of waterways around the world. Absolutely Fish staff were involved with all setups and presentations to students. This is one of our proudest accomplishments.

April 3-5, 2009
Spring Conference Trade Show
Baltimore, MD
Patrick Donston, Julian Sprung, and Dr. Tim Hovanec are just some of the speakers lined up to help you learn more in our Aquatic Answers Area.

January 12, 2009
Blue Zoo University
Patrick Donston on Nano Reefs 8:00PM



November 7, 8 2008
AFISH Convention
Ronkonkoma, NY 12:30PM – 1:30PM
Patrick Donston on Immune Systems of Fishes in the Aquarium.

October 3, 4, 5 2008
HH Backer Pet Industry Trade Show
Chicago, IL
Patrick Donston seminars:
7:00 PM on the 3rd
10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00PM on the 4th
1:00 PM and 3:00 PM on the 5th.

September 15, 2008 9:00PM
Simulcast Radio Program
Blue Zoo Radio
Patrick Donston of Absolutely Fish will be the guest speaking about aquarium keeping and practices. Listen at

July 25, 2008 6:00PM
Cable TV Access #75 Program
Clifton talks to Absolutely Fish. Host Jo Shenman
Subject: Aquariums, Educating and Inspiring Children and Families.

June, 2008
Pet Age
“Buying Great Aquatic Livestock”
Mary Sweeney (Patrick Donston contributor)

May 15 – 18, 2008
Pet Industry Spring Trade Show
Baltimore, Maryland
Patrick Donston (seminars and speeches) – Aquatic Systems and Practices, Marine Husbandry, How to Find Employees and Train in Aquatics, and Moderator of an Interactive forum with Aquarium Suppliers.

February 11, 2008
Jersey Shore Aquarium Society
Marine Fish – Keeping Them Disease Free by Patrick Donston.
“Patrick will be explaining how to keep your marine fish healthy. Many of his methods can be applied to fresh water fish also. Let us take some of the mystery out of fishkeeping for you. We hope you will be amazed with the results.” – JSAS



December 22nd, 23rd 2007
TV Program – The Pet Shop
News 12 New Jersey
Interview with Patrick Donston.

October 26-28, 2007
Salt Meets Fresh, The Mega Aquarium Fish Weekend
Presented by North Jersey Aquarium Society. Featuring some of the top speakers in the aquarium hobby, including Patrick Donston.

October, 2007
Pet Age
“Creating Display Tanks That Dazzle”, Allie Johnson (Absolutely Fish contribution)

October 12-14, 2007
Education Conference at the Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show
Chicago, IL
Aquatic seminars and ask the expert sessions featuring Julian Sprung, Patrick Donston, Tullio Dell Aquila, Jeff Turner, Joe Olenik

May 18, 2007
Long Island Aquarium Society
Keeping Marine Fishes Disease Free
Presentation by – Patrick Donston 8:00PM
Donations and Auction afterwards (Nano frags, Marine and Freshwater fish) – Rare species will be included!

“Last month Patrick Donston gave a captivating presentation, that if you missed, you missed big. Members came up to me saying: “his passion really shows”, “he is incredibly knowledgeable”, and several members asked: “when can he come back so we can hear more?” – Paradise Press


April, 2007
HH Backer – Pet Industry Spring Trade Show
Atlantic City, NJ
Aquatic Answers Pavilion and Seminars:
“Ask the Expert” sessions by: Patrick Donston, Julian Sprung, Tullio Dell Aquila, and many more…

March, 2007
Pet Product News
Find Your Niche – Wendy Bedwell-Wilson
“Our six national top retailers, specialize for service”
Absolutely Fish featured



December, 2006
Pet Product News December 2006
Letters to the Editor – “Transshipping has Many Drawbacks”
By: Patrick Donston, Mark Lament, Eric Cohen

November 1, 2006
Greater City Aquarium Society
“Keeping Fish Healthy Without the Use of Medicine” – Patrick Donston
A speech to hobbyists on the value of nutrition and water quality. The seminar will explore the immune systems of fish, antibody production, and bacterial/viral problems in water. Vitamins and other nutritional needs will be explored upon.

October 6,7,8 2006
HH Backer Industry Pet Conference
Chicago, IL
Aquatics seminar by Patrick Donston. Commercial husbandry practices, staff training and testing to other aquatic retailers. Panel discussions on marketing, merchandising, and distribution buying.

April 2006
T.V. Program – An Evening With Art Murray
Aquariums: The Art, Education, and Conservation. Guest: D. Patrick Donston of “Absolutely Fish, Inc”

February 2006
The Parent Paper – Feb. 2006, Vol. 15, No. 10 (article)
“Have Fun with Fish Keeping” – Vera Lawler
Patrick Donston – Contributor

January 2006
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA)
Patrick Donston and Wendy Bedwell-Wilson
Beware of the Barb “This Tiger Doesn’t Growl”



November 2005
New York Aquarium
“Keeping Your Reef Fish Healthy” – A seminar by Patrick Donston
A seminar about the health and handling of marine fish and corals, and where they really come from including how they’re collected, imported, shipped and housed to the retailer. The talk will answer questions you may not have ever thought about when purchasing healthy livestock. Some points may astound or shock you. Become educated about your hobby, building a better industry, healthier livestock and sustain its future.

January 2005
The Christian Science Monitor – 2005 (Article)
“The Better Aquarium: lights, coral – no cyanide” – M. Clayton



December 2004
Pet Age Magazine – 2004 (Article)
Backer’s Chicago Show Draws Record Crowds
(About P. Donston’s seminar in Chicago on setting up marine ornamentals.)

November 2004
U.S. Patent and Registration Gazette – Absolutely Fish registered ®mark.

*September 2004 (Article)
Tropical Fish Hobbyist – September 2004
Retail Store of Year Gets Even Better!
(Major benchmark, Absolutely Fish celebrates its MAC certification!)

Summer 2004 (Article)
Montclair Magazine – Summer 2004
At Absolutely Fish, You’ll find everything “Ichthy”

June 2004 (Article)
Pet Product News – June 2004
Sensory Sensibility – Patrick Donston
(Article written to other retailers on how to succeed in today’s internet
oriented market.)

February 2004
Aquatica – February 2004
Keeping Fish Healthy Without the Use of Medicine – P. Donston



June 2003
Pet Product News – June 2003
New Jersey Aquarium Center Wins Top Spot!
(Our greatest achievement to date! Absolutely Fish is awarded Retailer
of the Year for North America.)

June 2003
Aquatica – June 2003
The Marine Aquarium, A Thought on Where to Start – P. Donston

June 2003 (Article)
The Record – June 22, 2003
Hooked on Nemo
(Photos and story done at Absolutely Fish)

June 2003 (Article)
The Star Ledger – June 24, 2003
Learning from Nemo
(Photos and story done at Absolutely Fish)

February 2003
Aquatica – February 2003
Contradictory Bold Statements about the Marine Aquariums- P. Donston
(From speech done in January 2003)

August 2003
Pet Product News – August 2003
How Will Finding Nemo Affect Marine Fish Keeping – P. Donston

September 2003
Herald News (Article)
Fish Retailer Gets First Certification from Marine Aquarium Council
(One of our greatest achievements!)

August 2003
Marine Fishes and Conservation
New York Aquarium
Absolutely Fish attends, and has information counter at the New York
State Aquarium, teaching hobbyists and children about the importance
of our oceans.



April 2002
The Ocean Conservancy 2002 Annual Report – April 2002
Absolutely Fish is awarded silver status for contributions made on Earth-Day.

April 2002
North Jersey Aquarium Society Reporter (Article)
Got Fish? Absolutely! – A. Benedict

April 2002
Marine Fishes, Keeping Them Disease Free – P. Donston
(From speech on March 2002)



December 2001
City of Clifton recognizes Absolutely Fish for participation in work study programs.

December 2001
Brooklyn Aquarium Society gives Absolutely Fish top award for achievement
in a retail store.

March 10, 2001
Absolutely Fish presents our first Assembly to Newark Public Schools on Marine-Coral Reef Conservation. (We have presented this assembly every year prior to date, adding other school tours to our place such as Jersey City, Passaic, etc.)

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