Roundtable Discussions

This is a fun way to educate yourself and hear other fish stories from fellow customers. We came up with the idea four years ago while viewing the threads of various online fish clubs. We thought “AHH–HA…! What if we put together a subject — invite guests — and let the conversation flow.” We have organized them many ways with numerous subjects ranging from; Cichlids, planted tanks, marine fish, reefs, equipment, and beginner topics. There have been special guest–authors and experts present in the past. At the conclusion of the class, all attendees are offered a coupon to use in the store!

Upcoming Roundtable Discussions

Tuesday April 21st: Planted Aqua–Gardens
Special Guest: David Lee (of SeaChem)
Time: 6:00 pm

Keeping a planted aquarium is NOT particularly difficult. Keep in mind a few basic rules and facts and you’ll be well on your way to a flourishing underwater garden. Information presented here will be straight–forward and will cover; lighting, carbon dioxide, nutrients, substrates, and plant species. Bring your own question and thoughts!

Wednesday April 22nd: Basic Reef Chemistry
Special Guest: Louis Ekus (of Tropic Marin)
Time: 6:00pm

There is so much to learn and become familiar with on reef ecosystems. Our time this evening will be focusing on coral health, vitality, and physiology. We plan to discuss lighting, nutrients, equipment, and algae problems. You may bring your own questions or thoughts!

Thursday April 23rd: All About Cichlids
Special Guest: Paul Loiselle
Time: 6:00pm

We know “cichlid–ophiles” are some of the most passionate of fish keepers. A cichlid's personality, breeding behavior, colors, shapes & sizes are truly glorious to anyone who's kept them. We invite all beginners, African, New-world, and dwarf Cichlid enthusiasts to explore the gigantic pool of cichlids with us this evening. Our experts will answer any questions of thoughts you would like to discuss.

Friday April 24th: Marine Fish – Disease Control
Time: 6:00pm

Marine fish are often poorly nourished, exposed to water of inferior quality, and provided with physical settings that interrupt homeostasis. This is where oodinium, cryptocaryon, brooklynella, and uronema attack fish. If all the pertinent stress factors can be identified and controlled, diseases are less likely to flourish. Diagnosing, treating, and preventative measures will be discussed. Please bring your own questions or thoughts.

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