Goldfish and Betta Care

By: Shaun P.

How to care for your new pet goldfish or Betta

Congratulations, you are now the owner of a new pet fish. Although goldfish and bettas are extremely hardy, they do require regular care in order to maintain their health. Please follow these instructions in order to ensure that the water quality remains in good condition.

Care Instructions:

bubbleeyeFeeding: Your new pet requires feeding every day. Feed only a small amount of flake food once a day. The amount that you feed should be about three times the size of the fish’s eye (that’s the size of their stomach). More food translates into more waste, so overfeeding should be avoided at all costs.

Water Changes: Every 2-3 days, the bowl should be water changed completely. The procedure is as follows:

•Pour your fish (gently) into a small disposable cup with a few ounces of “old” water. Make sure that there is enough water to cover the fish completely!

•Now that the fish is separate, use your hand to stir the gravel well. Doing this allows any waste trapped in the gravel to be released.

•Occasionally it will be necessary to wipe the sides of the bowl to remove algae. Please use a coarse algae pad, not a household sponge that could possibly contain soaps or other chemicals.

•Next, pour out all of the old water, making sure to not pour out the gravel.

•Now fill the bowl with room temperature water. Tap water will need to be dechlorinated before you can add the fish back in, bottled water will not.

•Finally, pour the goldfish back into the bowl gently and wipe the outside with a dry paper towel.

Here are some common mistakes that new fish keepers should avoid:

  • Do not use distilled water, over time this will effect the fish
  • Do not use any soaps or detergents on anything that will go into the bowl
  • Do not put bowl in direct sunlight
  • Do not keep more than one fish in this bowl. It is only large enough for one small fish
  • Do feel free to call with any questions regarding your fish’s health or care required

In some instances, your goldfish may not do well due to surroundings or other factors that affect their overall health. If you enjoy your new pet but, it does not seem to do well you may want to try keeping a betta rather than another goldfish. If this is the case, please bring back this coupon for a dollar off its purchase price. Please have fun with your new pet and don’t hesitate to call or look on our website for further information regarding all of your aquarium needs. Shaun P.

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