“Education, conservation, the art and science of fish-keeping is our passion
and what defines us.”®

Like our slogan above states, we believe in a strong, educated staff. Teaching aquarists and, most importantly, connecting children of all ages to aquatic animals, bringing awareness to conservation issues as they pertain to our oceans and waterways, is a goal of ours.

Reef Aquarium Designer Coral and New Hot Supplements

With Glenn & Josh


Helpful Resources

  1. Something To Know Before Buying Your First Fish
    By Patrick Donston
  2. Maintaining Your Aquarium
    By Heather Hollema
  3. Setting Up a Marine Aquarium
    By Robyn Bright
  4. Proper Acclimation
    The Staff
  5. Betta Care
    The Staff
  6. Fancy Goldfish
    By Hillary Mahon
  7. Marine Fishes – Keeping Them Disease Free
    By Pat Donston – 2002
    Editors Choice Award BAS
  8. Contradictory Bold Statements About The Marine Aquarium
    By Pat Donston
    2003 Editors Choice Award BAS
  9. Reef Problems & Parasites
    By Glenn Laborda
  10. Keeping Fish Healthy Without the Use of Medication
    By Pat Donston
  11. Marine Ich: Cryptocaryon irritans
    By Heather Hollema

Additional Education Resources

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