Earth Day 2010

oceanconservancylogoA special thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $4,000!

This year we’re partnering with the Ocean Conservancy in hopes to build a better home for wildlife and create a bluer planet.

VIP Cards will be distributed Wednesday April 21st until Sunday April 25th to those who contribute $25 or more to the Ocean Conservancy. Donations must be made in-store.

“Education/Conservation, the art and science of fishkeeping
is our passion and what defines us.” ®
~ Absolutely Fish


Roundtable Discussions

Also the week of Earth Week, you may sign up to sit in on one of our Educations Forums:

Freshwater “Back to Basics”
Marine Fishes “Keep Them Disease Free”
Reef Aquariums “Chemistry, lighting, algae”
Planted Aquariums “From roots to leaves”

Click here to read more about our round tables

Pictures from Earth Day 2010

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