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By Josh Maxwell

Porcelain Anemone Crab (Neopetrolisthes spp.)

Porcelain2The porcelain anemone crab is a small white crab with a shell like porcelain and covered in red spots and blotches. It comes from the reefs of the Indo-Pacific where it can be found among the tentacles of a number of species of sea anemones and even some corals. It is a peaceful invertebrate and will not harm other organisms but can irritate coral it hosts in if no anemone is present. The crab will live in the anemone for protection and will defend it if need be. The crab is unusual in terms of its method of feeding; it has appendages in front of its mouth that it uses to filter the water for edible particles and plankton that it can catch, but it will also scavenge for food that other fish and invertebrates in the aquarium don’t eat. Easy to care for in the reef aquarium, they do require the addition of certain trace elements such as iodine and calcium to molt properly. Try one of these wonderful creatures. Especially if you enjoy symbiotic relationships and the peculiar behavior aquatic, animals must possess to survive in the wild-wild ocean.

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