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Acro Crabs

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Invertebrates for Sale:     Acro Crabs By Nick Deprospo Most of the time if you were to find a crab or some foreign creature on a piece of coral or live-rock, your first instinct would be to remove the unknown animal to prevent any possible harm it may cause to other reef inhabitants. However not all hitch hikers are harmful. Acro Crabs (of the genus Trapezia and Tetralia) develop a relationship with colonial SPS corals. These crabs are usually red, white, or pink in color and are not fuzzy. The crab does important services such as keeping the colony clean and even protects the corals from predators. In exchange for protecting the colony, the crab is offered a home and protection for itself. This beneficial relationship for both organisms is known as symbiosis. The crab will not have to wander looking for food, as it will usually eat debris that is caught in the branches of the colonial host. The crabs are small and stay under one inch across. Even though tiny, these crabs are still incredibly important to stony coral health. According to a study from the University of California (in Santa Barbara) these crabs may actually be critical for the life or coral reefs. To understand the importance of these little animals, scientists removed them from the coral they lived in and waited to see the impact it would have on the colonies. The scientists witnessed 50-80% of all the corals involved in the study to have completely died off within a month. In a control, all the colonies that remained with the Acro Crabs survived. [1] I chose to write about Acro Crabs in order to make reefers aware of these tiny and often overlooked animals. These crustaceans are important to the health of a coral and coral reefs as a whole. Anyone interested in learning more or purchasing Acro Crabs for their home reefs should stop in or contact us through our request link https://absolutelyfish.com/contact-us/.   References: “Tiny Crab Protects Coral.” Mongabay. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 July 2014....

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