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Leopard Ctenopoma: The Brown Fish With a lot of Character

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Freshwater Fish for Sale:     Leopard Ctenopoma: The Brown Fish With a lot of Character By Liam Hobbie   Very few people look at the fish in their tanks and wish that they kept a brown fish. Most everyone loves to have their attention captured and held by the brilliant bright flash of a zooming fish. However, there is a unique beauty to a fish that doesn’t swim about blindly and is not concerned with the behavior of its tank mates. Equally appealing is the brown fish that gracefully comes and goes amongst the waves of red and yellow, never quite giving you a full glimpse before it disappears again. Thankfully, you can get both these qualities in the same fish! The Leopard Ctenopoma, or Ctenopoma acutirostre (the C is silent), is above and beyond one of the most underrated freshwater fish available for purchase. Because most people are not interested in a spotted brown fish, they are not an easy sale, and therefore not usually suggested by local fish store employees. Even so, they are worth the look. The personality this oddball exhibits in the home aquarium is matched only by the ever personable cichlids of Central and South America. Ctenopomas may hide at first, but once comfortable they cruise about searching for food, staring down plants with the hopes of finding small critters. One second you’ll be scanning the depths of your tank, sure the Ctenopoma has disappeared for good, and the next second it will be right in front of you patiently waiting for its mid-day snack. What makes this fish especially attractive is how easy it is to keep. The Leopard Ctenopoma is an African Anabantid that hails from the Congo River basin. The Congo River basin features a wide range of biotypes. The Ctenopoma has adapted to thrive in swift moving streams, as well as stagnant slower moving bodies of water, making them a perfect fit for most any reasonable tank setup. You have to be careful when picking tank mates as these fish have a surprisingly large mouth and will eventually hit six inches in length. Their readiness to inhale any small fish or shrimp leaves them on the aggressive side of most compatibility charts, but they rarely bother anything when kept with fish they can’t swallow. They should NOT be housed with any of the more boisterous cichlids or other large, aggressive fish, as the Ctenopoma can be fairly timid. They also should not be kept with other Ctenopomas or leaf fish, and even gouramis should only be done with caution and in a large system. Rainbows, the larger tetra species, semi-aggressive new world cichlids, most loaches, barbs, and larger corydoras species all make suitable tank mates.   The next time you find yourself wandering through our freshwater tanks trying to find one of the last fish to fill your aquarium, check the Leopard Ctenopoma out. It doesn’t need to be your show fish, frankly it doesn’t enjoy that kind of attention. It will happily act as a background cast member, giving you a peek every now and again. Don’t feel the need to feed any special foods either. These guys will eat most prepared pellet and flake foods, though they do love an occasional frozen or freeze-dried treat. If all of that isn’t enough to convince you to buy one, I suggest you spend a few minutes watching the two Ctenopomas we have in a pair of planted tanks and reconsider that decision.   [Show as...

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