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Aquariums to Buy, New Jersey

By Patrick Donston


Ohh, those wonderful ten gallon starter kits. You know… the ones we find in garage sales or flea markets more than antiques. Even better are the little 2 – 5 gallon bow kits we so often see in Walmarts, K-marts, Petcos, or Petsmarts. The aquarium that so many novices purchase with grandeur of fish! “Just look at the photo on the box, I can do this!” Hopefully better than my venture to raise a sea-monkey family. (You know, like the add said in the back of the magazine) – – – Ha! Most struggle or fail. ☹

Sea Monkeys Kit

How about those coffee table tanks, wall-picture tanks, or my favorite; the “self-cleaning” ones? You‘ll find these beautiful art ensembles online, Sharper Image, Sears, etc. OK – – – These folks know all about fish keeping because anyone can do it – – – right? Yes, even the sales clerk at Spencer Gifts… I know the last time I needed help with plumbing I didn‘t go to my local hardware store, instead I asked the check-out cashier at my local grocery. Ahhhh, that didn’t go so well…

Why are these marketing “scams” a sham in itself? Because they are not designed to be easy or realistic to what we envision as an aquatic habitat. Quite frankly the life support systems in most of these aquariums purely stinks.

Now I know I‘m supposed to be promoting aquariums, keeping fish, and the value pets add to our daily lives. Yes, I am poking fun at aquarists who‘ve made these mistakes (myself included). I‘ve purchased the sea-monkey kit at the curious age of 7 on a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo. My eyes glowed with excitement. Oh the scattered ideas of what I will do with my own “farm‐raised family of monkeys”? Only, with crushing defeat the sad little boy threw it in the garbage.

Soon after, I owned the 10 gallon starter kit. I would take everything out monthly and clean it meticulously. Water quality? What’s that…? Fish died often and I would pester my mom to take me back to the pet shop to buy more…but still, I loved it!

People often ask me how do I know so much about the care of all the fish we carry. I reply, “I‘ve killed a lot of these fish while learning.”

Yes, most of us know, some of these kits and ridiculous aquatic‐art ensembles are not conducive to success. On the flip side, we live — we learn — and just maybe love animal welfare enough to step it up and pay it forward…

All my best to all of you that love fish and realize the importance of preservation to our natural aquatic ecosystems.

Peace ~~ Patrick  

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