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Our summer roundtable sessions started Wednesday May 14th 2014 with Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec of Dr. Tim’s Aquatics. Wow! What an enlightening discussion on microbial balance and bio-diversity of drtim roundtableall ecosystems. Dr. Tim discussed reef care, planted(natural) systems and how probiotics truly work.

We are forever gracious for Dr. Tim’s time and travels from the West Coast to visit us. For those of you who may have missed it, there will be more. Please visit us in the shop to schedule a seat at the next one starring Mary E. Sweeney.

The formula for coral feeding Dr. Tim discussed:

Coral Feeding Routine

Before starting this routine it is best to have treated your aquarium with Waste-Away to take
care of excess organics and nutrients that may be present. Closely follow the Waste-Away
directions starting with no more than ½ a normal dose or even less and work your way up to a
full dose of Waste-Away in 2 weeks or more time. Leave at least 48 hours between applications
of Waste-Away.

First Defense – 0.1% solution. 1 ml per 1,000 ml of seawater.
or 1/4 tablespoon in 1 gallon
EcoBalance – 1.0% solution. 10 ml per 1,000 ml of seawater.
or 1.3 oz in 1 gallon
Add the First Defense and EcoBalance to the same solution. Lightly aerate.
It is ok to make enough for 2-3 nights. Note that the solution will get a sweet-tangy smell after 24
hours and may be a little cloudy – this is normal.

Dose at night starting maybe an hour before the lights go out.
Rate is 1-3 drops per second (3 to 9 ml per minute).
Dose 6 nights then nothing on the 7th night.
Repeat weekly.
The amount to dose depends on the size of you tank and numbers and types of corals,
Start at a rate of 1-2 oz solution per 100 gallons and adjust slowly to a maximum of 16 oz per
100 gallons.
NOTE: Never add a normal dose of First Defense to your tank on the same day you add Eco-
Balance or Waste-Away to the tank.

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