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I was talking with some of our maintenance clients recently and they brought up a few remarks I would like to share with you. They said to me “It is one thing to be looking at a dirty tank and paying someone to clean it, but Chris not just did so, he then listed a dosing regimen for our reef, two easy jobs for us to do weekly, which changed our tank.”


Another client who keeps African cichlids said to me that their fish have never been so colorful than before and asked me what Jason was doing while cleaning. I said it was the spirulina/astaxanthin food he was bringing, not so much the cleaning.


Recently I received a call from a client who wanted to compliment me on the maturity Nelson had at their home, as their 2 year old was having a meltdown. “He not only dealt with our children and the dog, he made the tank pristine, and cleaned up after himself to where you wouldn’t have known he was there.”


And one of our high-end discus clients asked me just last week, “Why isn’t Jimmy in the store, coaching your planted discus keepers? He is outstanding with tricks and husbandry care on these habitats.” Well I said he is maintaining a lot of other clients who value his services and there is no time to have him in the shop.


A thorough aquarium cleaning is what we all want. A professional, mature aquarist who cares and is meticulous with advice to offer, is priceless.


I thank all of our service clients for their patronage and support. As well, I thank the techs for their hard work, dedication, and compassion for aquatic life.



Thank you, from Pat, Eric, Jason, Jim, Patrick, Chris, Ryan, Kristen, Nelson, and Dibyarka.



-Patrick Donston

Owner of Absolutely Fish

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