“Education, conservation, the art and science of fish-keeping is our passion
and what defines us.”®

Like our slogan above states, we believe in a strong, educated staff. Teaching aquarists and, most importantly, connecting children of all ages to aquatic animals, bringing awareness to conservation issues as they pertain to our oceans and waterways, is a goal of ours.

Roundtable discussion on reef aquariums

Round table discussion on reef aquariums

Helpful Resources

  1. Something To Know Before Buying Your First Fish
    By Patrick Donston
  2. Maintaining Your Aquarium
    By Heather Hollema
  3. Setting Up a Marine Aquarium
    By Robyn Bright
  4. Proper Acclimation
    The Staff
  5. Betta Care
    The Staff
  6. Fancy Goldfish
    By Hillary Mahon
  7. Marine Fishes – Keeping Them Disease Free
    By Pat Donston – 2002
    Editors Choice Award BAS
  8. Contradictory Bold Statements About The Marine Aquarium
    By Pat Donston
    2003 Editors Choice Award BAS
  9. Reef Problems & Parasites
    By Glenn Laborda
  10. Keeping Fish Healthy Without the Use of Medication
    By Pat Donston
  11. Marine Ich: Cryptocaryon irritans
    By Heather Hollema

Additional Education Resources

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