AF Aquaculture

What is AF Aquaculture?

Aqua-CultureAbsolutely Fish’s aquaculture facility (ACF) is a 5,000 square foot center for promoting sustainability within the aquarium hobby.  Within 50 tanks, there are 4,000 gallons containing over 60 species of hard and soft corals, numerous plants, 20 varieties of freshwater fish and three distinct freshwater shrimp species.  These animals are kept in pristine conditions, which promote breeding and raising of tank-raised specimens for sale in our store.

Why We Did It

Education and Conservation, the art and science of fish keeping, is our passion and what defines us.  In keeping with our mission and vision, it is important to provide sustainable and humanely bred species of animals and plants for our customers.  By breeding and cultivating animals within our facility, we have a direct impact on the environment and reduce the need for wild-caught specimens – leaving more animals in the wild for future generations.

What Should Sustainable Really Mean?

What’s Happening Now

Currently at the Absolutely Fish ACF, we are trying new techniques for growing rare macro algaes, having great success breeding a variety of South American cichlids and recently brought over our first batch of freshwater angelfish for sale in the store!  You can now find some of our aquacultured coral frags for sale in the store.  We are so proud of all the hard work that has gone into raising these animals!  Some of the species include Acropora, Seriatopora, Montipora, Xenia, Cespitularia, Acanthastrea, Echinophyllia, Palythoa, Euphyllia, Sarcophyon, Discosoma, Briarium, Favia and many more!

What’s in the Future

We are thrilled to be adding another 2,000-gallon invert system in November, 2013 as well as an additional macro algae grow tank.

In 2014, we plan to add another row of invert tanks as well as expand our freshwater and live plant tanks.  A state-of-the-art marine fish quarantine system for our maintenance clients is also in the works! We have many great plans for the future and we cannot wait to post updates.  We appreciate the support of all our hobbyists and their interest in sustainable fishkeeping!

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